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The deviant act of prostitution is and has been practiced throughout the world. It has been in existence for many years. As a matter of fact, an aspect that gives prostitution one of its characteristics is that women were always seem to be the only party involved in this deviant behavior. With this in mind, maybe the facts surrounding prostitution and regarding males were not fully researched and documented, especially those males who worked as escorts. Or, perhaps, males participating in prostitution was just an episode in history that did not need to be discussed. Uniquely, history brings to life prostitution and the fact that it has existed for centuries.

Why is prostitution a criminal and degrading activity among the eyes of society? Is it the labels and stigma attached to this profession and its association with drugs, disease, violence, and pimps that make it deviant. Moreover, its demeaning behavior furthers its disapproval due to the issue that it furnishes the possibility of spreading sexually transmitted diseases in a community. This in turn affects society with financial matters in the healthcare industry.

In certain areas and among certain people, prostitution may be illegal and unacceptable because it violates morals and standards of a conservative and traditional society. Furthermore, prostitution affects the criminal justice system by the expenditure of allocating resources to fight prostitution on the streets. Research is mostly done on street walkers which are at the bottom of the hierarchical level of prostitution.

In effect, male sex workers or escorts have changed the face of prostitution. There have been countless companies and individuals who taken the media industry by storm. Such include magazines, television ads and other types of media in which male sex workers advertise their companionship services to the world.

Accordingly, male sex workers are not the only deviant individuals but it seems more deviant for a person who might be married, have children or express their sexual preferences may actually be more deviant than the male sex worker. Surprisingly, prostitution has now invaded cyberspace. In particular, male sex workers have taken advantage of the internet as it makes it more feasible for them to make business contacts and open the doors to sexual deviancy throughout the world.

In general, male sex workers describe the profession as a form of providing companionship. Many do it for survival such as paying their rent, buying food and clothing. In like manner, others may do it to support a habit. Most importantly, those male sex workers and/or escorts who advertise themselves to gain profits do it voluntarily.

Certainly, there seems to be the possibility of male sex escorts growing in numbers because of the internet, technological advantages and the high monetary profits gained from providing this type of services. Ultimately, the male sex worker must be determined to meet and provide the sexual...

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