Manchester Airport And Mcdonald's Essay

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This report will cover a comparison between two organizations - Manchester Airport and McDonald's- main business functions; structure and contribution to the operation of these organizations. Furthermore, I shall critically evaluate the benefits, and any disadvantages of the organizational arrangements for managing these business functions in each case.

Manchester Airport

One of Britain's and the world's principal airports, handling millions of passengers each year, connecting the North of England with global destinations. Still growing, have an exciting and promising future, but an equally illustrious past which began in 1928. Manchester airport is managed independently by Manchester Airport PLC and owned by all 10 Metropolitan Boroughs which make up Greater Manchester.


The Best World Airport


In my opinion, Manchester has more than one structure. Manchester management developed based on hierarchical structure; lots of departments coordinate together to achieve company objectives. (this part is missing)

Scope of work

Demand is accommodated in the most economic manner - constantly reviewed and updated investment programs (in existing assets and new infrastructure and technology) to reflect a combination of short-term tactical requirements whiles maintaining the long-term business objectives. On going developments; focus on their commitment to community, environment, passengers and staff.

Aims, Objectives and activities

Manchester Airport aims to grow through; generating profit secures and maintains airport survival among competitors. To recognize the profit, Manchester departments interacted and contributed together to achieve the airport objectives while accomplishing different activities such as; renting out some areas of the site for retailers and catering services in addition to hotel companies and runways charges.

Furthermore, Manchester is aiming to expand its business; while providing sustainable transport network with high standards of services for all its passengers - recent airport capability is to handle around 20 million passengers among the largest regional airports in Britain "Best UK Airport." The vision is to double passengers number to approximately 42 million passengers per annum by 2015 reflects its mission "Best Airport in the World" and consequently increase destinations (currently hosts 91 airlines such as JMC and flights are chartered to 175 destinations).

In addition, buying shares in other major UK and Australian airports and the development of ground transport interchange to help public arrive using public transports and check more efficiently and quickly.

Manchester has undertaken several projects such as: Terminal 1, 2 and 3, to maintain short to medium term.

Besides increasing profits, Manchester attract people attention while minimizing their products environmental impact; noise, pollution and exercises to keep birds around runways to...

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