Maneuvering Human Relationships Essay

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Changing history has profound effects on humans and the choices that they make, in 1984 by George Orwell Big Brother has the ability to manipulate the past, present, and future because he is the supreme leader of Oceania. The supreme leader of Oceania is Big Brother, none of the citizens in the country know if Big Brother is a group or a single individual. Big Brother stepped into power after the rebellion and has maintained absolute power over his citizens. In order to gain absolute power, Big Brother had to destroy human relationships. Relationships are a problem for Big Brother because they allow citizens to form bonds with one and other. Big Brother has ruined humanity and the relationships that they have in order to gain absolute power. By controlling the essential parts of relationships, physical contact, sex, and breaking the bond between parents and children, Big Brother successfully turns society into individuals in order to gain absolute power which will ensure that he will never lose power.
The lack of physical contact that people in Oceania have allows the bond between man and woman to be broken and it allows Big Brother to gain more support and power. By limiting physical contact between Party members, Big Brother is able to separate society into individual people. Big Brother does this by watching the Outer Party members 24/7 through telescreens and listening to them through microphones. Although physical contact is not illegal, it is frowned upon and many people do not enjoy being touched. Katherine, Winston’s Missing wife, and Winston cannot touch each other without some sort of reaction; “As soon as he touched her she seemed to wince and stiffen” (Orwell 66). Katherine is a devoted party member who does not value her husband or marriage. Marriages in Oceania have to be approved by a special board because they do not want citizens to really love each other. Winston did feel a connection to Katherine because of the time that they spent together but hated having sex with her and touching her because of the reaction that Big Brother instilled in her. The lack of physical contact that people have in Oceania allows the bond between man and woman to be broken and in the future nonexistent.
Unwritten laws about physical contact have been established in Oceania, this law allows big Brother to break the bonds between humans and gain more power because everyone will be loyal to him. Winston and Julia meet up in the wood so they could get to know each other and possible break some laws. While in the woods Winton and Julia forgot Big Brother’s rules and created their own, “The next moment, it was hard to say by whose act, she was in his arms. At the beginning he had no feeling except sheer incredulity” (Orwell 120). Winston was in pure shock because physical contact is rare in Oceania. It is not against the law to touch other people, but it is sort of an unwritten law that there should not be too much physical contact. Winston has...

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