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“Be a lifelong learner; accept people for who they are. Accept change because it is inevitable do not expect to be rewarded just because you show up on time, do what is expected of you and leave at the same time everyday, because that is merely C-grade work,” Said Anderson at an recorded interview on c-s[an news.. History does not define the status of Marcia Anderson`s career but she defines history. A woman of effectively great leadership earns one of the most significant titles in the United States Army. This woman was the type who not only exceeds but excels at what she does. Marcia Anderson, an assertive leader who excelled through her military career, was the army`s first ...view middle of the document...

At those times many of her performances in ROTC was leadership roles. A crucial point in Anderson’s life was she was a little girl. About the time when she was eight years old she seen her mother and grandmother encounter a problem with a narrow minded salesman who overlooked their existence and ability to purchase a car. The salesman decided not to attend to their need of help because of their outward appearance. Her mother and grandmother finally became commendable of the salesman attention when they showed him the paperwork for being approved to purchase a new vehicle. From that point on she realized women of her color, and of her gender, who did not have the appearance that society approved of would have to be more assertive in everything they did to accomplish what and where they wanted to be. From that point on she took the ideal strategy with her to her military career.
Marcia started her schooling at an all girl’s catholic school before attending Creighton University. Marcia Anderson’s grandparents felt that the best education was found in the catholic school system. She finished her schooling on East St Louis, Missouri. Attending an all girl’s school is what has helped “shape her into the woman she is today.” ( the leaders and teachers at that school helped encourage the young women to exceed on life. “Anderson said that experiencing that type of support leads to fulfilling your role models expectations, and that’s exactly what I am doing today.” Anderson graduated from Rutgers Law school with a juris Doctorate degree as well as Creighton University. She graduated from Creighton’s university with a Bachelor of Arts in political science. Marcia Anderson also has masters from a college in Pennsylvania. Her military career almost started by an accident which means it was not originally intended for Anderson subsequent to attending college. As Anderson progressed in her years of college she realized what was missing from her credits. The lack of a science course was the main thing she needed in order to be adequate for graduation. She was told that the military science would replace her only missing credit. Her journey of attending college and becoming active in the, military was made up of unintended things. During that time she started taking ROTC training courses. As she got more involved in training she realized she really liked training soldiers. “I get really excited about training soldiers; I think it’s the best job in the army.” (Anderson Marcia’s life in the military lasted three decades. She served positions at Battalion, Brigade and division with levels that include S-1, S-3, S-4 and G-1 and assistant division G-3. Before becoming a 2 star general Marcia Anderson used to be a deputy commander of the army reserves Human Resources Command. (HRC) She served the informational needs of the soldiers to ensure that the most relevant information was...

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