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“What’s for dinner, Cait?” Jason asked.
“Leftovers from the pizza we ordered a couple days ago.” Caitlyn answered.
“Can’t we order food? I’m tired of leftovers and pizza, we’ve been eating it for the past month” Jason Complained.
“Dad told us not to order food without him, he is afraid they are going to trick us and break in. Besides we are broke, remember? Even if we ordered food we wouldn’t have the money to pay for it. You shouldn’t have bought that useless game console the PP4 or whatever it was. What is up with you boys playing all those violent and horrifying games? You know they brainwash you” Caitlyn Replied
Jason furiously responded “For your information it’s PS4, which stands for ...view middle of the document...

Fortunately she has gotten over her mom. The person least affected was Frank, on the day of the funeral he only attended half of the ceremony for the reason that he had a meeting. Frank was corrupted and obsessed with money, like some people they would be addicted with drugs or alcohol, Frank is addicted to money. He doesn’t like spending the money also, he just likes making it, to him making money is like a game and where you need skill and strategy to make a fortune. He has been like this for a long time now, but when Jessica died he was indeed depressed but he wanted to forget about it so he just worked and worked harder.

When Caitlyn was in her room, she began crying. Something inside her just snapped when Jason brought up about Jessica. She hasn’t heard her name for so long, she almost forgot about her until Jason brought her up. She missed her mom so much; she missed being loved and cared for, she missed having an actual family who she can trust and feel safe. She made a wish that she could she her mom one last time and make dad forget about work and be a happy family like they should be. That night Caitlyn cried herself to sleep.
Caitlyn was fast asleep until… “CRASHHHHH,” Caitlyn jumped out of her bed faster than the speed of light, she was so startled. Caitlyn had a feeling who did this. She marched out of her bedroom angrily and right in front of her Jason looking down at a vase that was smashed and cracked.
“WHAT THE FUDGE” Caitlyn Shrieked. “you know that that was mom’s favorite vase, how could you be so stubborn”
“Chill Cait, are you on your period again, mom is gone it’s not like she is going to miss it” Jason responded.
“Boys are all the same, stupid and so inconsiderate. This is one of the only things we had of mom… And now it’s GONE. Grow up and act your age. Don’t you miss mom, she was the only person that cared for us. I’m tired of this, just go downstairs and get a broom, I’ll clean it up. Caitlyn said.
“GEEZ, okay I’ll get it just shut up please. This isn’t only my fault, its dads too. He is never has time to be with us. He’s always on his business trips. Why can’t we just stop fighting and be one happy family, just for one day. All he cares about is his money.” Jason answers back.
Jason ran downstairs furiously to the living room where he got the broom. While Jason was downstairs, Caitlyn was picking up the glass pieces until she sees an envelope. She moved the glass pieces to get the envelope. She wasn’t sure about opening it, just at that moment Jason came up with the broom. He saw Caitlyn holding the envelope and asked her where she got it. She told him. Jason told Caitlyn to open it, so she decided to open it. She ripped it open just like how a kid would open their Christmas presents. She took out the letter and when she took a glimpse of it, she already knew who it was because of the writing.
“OMG it’s from mom,” Caitlyn screamed happily.
Jason quickly hopped over the glass carelessly because he wanted to see what...

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