Million Dollar Baby And Rudy Essay

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Rudy from the movie, Rudy, directed by David Anspaugh and Maggie Fitz from Million dollar baby, directed by Clint Eastwood, show us the importance of dedication and determination in the pursuit of dreams and goals, while fighting against all odds and difficulties. One can compare the two movies in terms of family relationship, in terms of getting ostracized due to their gender and physicality, and in terms of economic problems.

In the movie, Million Dollar Baby shows that having faith and being self-confident can lead to accomplishment. For instance, family relationship or love knots the people and creates a place where everything can be seen possible with the support of family. Maggie, the main character is having a broken family relationship. Maggie grew up knowing one thing that she was dirt and was always misunderstood by her family. Although according to an article written by McDermott, Nick: ‘Parents may derive pleasure and meaning from parenthood by vicariously resolving their unfulfilled ambitions through their children.”, it is the complete opposite with Maggie. Maggie has the burning desire to achieve love from her family side, but unfortunately, for her family money is more valuable than love and respect. As an illustration, when Maggie buys a house for her mother, the reaction and behavior she gets is terrifying since her mom isn’t grateful.

Similarly, the movie Rudy, shows how Rudy Ruttiger has overcame many obstacles and criticism in his life, and eventually fulfill his dream of becoming a Notre Dame football player. The main character, Rudy Ruttiger, has an unsupportive family. Throughout his life, his family told him that chasing his dream of playing football at Norte Dame is just waste of time and day dreaming. Rudy’s family has never stood for his decisions because they thought that wouldn’t make it. Rudy’s family has always been a thorn in path of his dream. As an example, Rudy’s brothers have criticized his passion in becoming a football player.

The desire to attain and not giving up on dream can break every chain that has fenced to provoke the achievements. In Million Dollar Baby, ostracizing people because of their gender has brought a main issue. For instance, Maggie is very passionate in becoming a professional boxer and for reason she goes to seek help from, Frankie, a boxer trainer. Frankie denies training Maggie because he thinks she is old and is female. Later, as Frankie sees her true determination, he accepts Maggie as his...

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