Taking Bill Maher's Religulous Apart Essay

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Eternity, is defined as infinite or unending time, the likelihood one will reach the end of days and face their eternity in a place beyond this earth is a question only God can answer. The mockumentary “Religulous” starring Bill Maher was designed to strengthen Bill Maher’s ethos as a comedian yet he attempts to tackle theological questions that are beyond his understanding. His thesis directly reflects his agnostic belief that if mankind continues to accept religion without questioning it, than it should also be prepared to accept all of the prophecies of that religion including the end of times. Maher feels we should abandon religion before it destroys the world, so he tries to place doubt in the minds of religious leaders and followers in this film by refuting the word of God. Bill Maher presents a poorly-argued case in the film due to his overly inflated ethos and lack of decorum.
To begin with, this film was designed to promote Maher’s ethos as a comedian. With his
practical wisdom as a comedian Maher has made tons of controversial films over the years this
why should this one be any different, Religulous is supposed to be about religion but instead its
filled with Maher’s opinion of religion which gives us little to base our beliefs upon. It seems
like every time he is interviewing someone and they are about to make a really good point he
ends the interview and cuts straight to the Bill Maher commentary. It was like watching the
Wiley coyote chase the road runner then just as the coyote is about to catch him, the anvil falls
directly on his head. This is done mainly because it really wasn’t designed for a serious
discussion about religion. This film was made to help Maher’s ratings inflate. We all know some
of the most talked about movies have religion in them “The Passion of Christ” for example
which spent months in the box office and made millions. Inflating Maher’s ethos allows his
audience to see his more creditable and trustworthy side enabling him to discuss religious with
less judgment. Having strong ethos is especially important when trying to convince people the
world will end if they don’t turn from religion.
Therefore, Maher attempts to convince religious people to doubt their religion with the use of fallacy and pathos. His interview with his sister and mother is used to gain his audiences love and trust or pathos. Using his baby photos, and showing Maher as a young boy makes him seem to have good decorum. During this interview he asks his family to “recall the time he found out the truth about Santa Claus being fake?” Julie Maher comments “yeah you were real mad” Maher states “but then when I found out Jesus wasn’t real he was pissed”. In that statement, he uses a fallacy to lead his viewers to believe that just because he says Jesus isn’t real it’s the same as the truth. Maher doesn’t use any real facts to back up this propaganda that Jesus isn’t real. He also tries to convince his audience that...

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