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Life is an unplanned journey and we never know what will happen next. Our lives can be snatched from us in a second, when we least expect it. We will have no second chance to make a positive difference in the world so we must make sure that we do not waste our time on little things that do not matter. I intend to explore the ups and downs of life, the negativities and hardships as well as the positives. I will explore how they affect us and how we as humans live our lives.
The average person lives a lifespan of seventy years. That is about two billion seconds in which we have to live. Yet we waste almost half our time on petty issues rather than living our life to the maximum. Some people do live life to the full and the results they achieve are fantastic. Many times in life, nothing will go the way it was planned. From not receiving a good grade on the last test to not getting the girl you wanted, many things in life simply do not go the way they should. This was a prime example last year when I lost my aunt to cancer, to her last day she went to work, fighting, strong and determined yet life had other ideas for her. Suddenly shock and mourning can hit a family when you least expect it and your lives can be changed forever. The way she lived was to care for people, give to people, respect people and love people no matter who they were. This is how we need to live our lives. Cancer is one of the many hardships people experience. HIV and Aids, global warming, rape, poverty and hunger are some of the few other issues that millions of people have to deal with worldwide. Despite our hardships we need to try and remain optimistic and make a positive difference in our world today.
Our life journey starts from the second we are born. We experience different stages of life: playschool, high school, university, starting to work, retirement and the last few days before death. Many people use their time on earth to change the world. The hearts some people have are incredible. As Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” Giving back to the poor and brightening up someone’s world is life changing as well as breath taking. The smile on the face of someone you helped makes you want to do it again and again. Everyone is unique which makes the world so diverse. I believe that if you are going to be kind, and giving, and selfless, do so unconditionally. Without expectations to those who receive your...

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