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In my sophomore year of high school, I began self harming. In 8th grade I was friendless in most of my classes. In middle school a family friend became an important part of my life. These are all events that have had a part in shaping me as a person. The theorists Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget, Lawrence Kohlberg, Carol Gilligan, George herbert Mead, and Erik Erikson probably thought they could analyze anyone’s life based upon their theories. By applying their theories to my life events, I can infer what these psychologists and sociologists might say if they were to analyze them.
In middle school and high school, I had many friends and acquaintances who, for one reason or another, struggled with self-harm. My sophomore year a few of my closest friends were all going through some really rough stuff, and that is how they were dealing with it. Their situations were a rather heavy burden for me to carry, which I could not talk about with others. I had my own issues as well, and since I was surrounded by close friends who were dealing with their problems by cutting and harming themselves, I decided in a sense, give in to my surroundings, and do the same. Based on his model of personality, Sigmund Freud might say that this giving in of a temptation, a pain release of sorts, was probably due to my id drive. My choice to self harm may in some aspects be looked at as a selfish one, which goes back to the id. Finding a sort of release of emotional pain and anxiety is part of human nature. Carol Gilligan’s would focus would go in a different direction. Gilligan compared the moral development of males and females and concluded that each naturally go by different moral standards. She said that females “have a care and responsibility perspective, judging a situation with an eye toward personal relationships and loyalties”(p. 106). Therefore, she might focus on my gender and how my harmful relationships at the time effected me more because I’m a girl. She might say my heavy burden was due to the fact that...

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