N Queens Recursive Algorithm With Multi Threading Essay

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Now we place the 3rd queen in the available column. Here again, we don’t have a place to put the fourth queen. So we back track to
the first queen and change its position to the second column as shown in Fig.7 below.

Fig. 7 Placement of three queens

As, shown in the Fig. 8 below, for the 2nd queen we only have one place to put it on the chessboard.

Fig. 8 Placement of first queen with next column after backtracking
After placing the 2nd queen, the available options for next queen are shown below.

Fig. 9 Placement of two queens with different positions

Again, after placing third queen, the available option is as shown in Fig. 10 below.

Fig. 10 Placement of three queens with varying positions

After placing all queens one of the possible solution will look like the diagram shown below.

Fig. 11 One solution of all queens placed
We will repeat all the above steps to find another solution for the 4-queen problem. This whole process is shown in below diagram.

Fig. 12 Complete process tree for 4 queens placement

The data I have gathered is in the form of execution time required to find all possible unique solutions for a given number of queens. I have used two time stamps to find the actual execution time required for this serial algorithm. I have placed one timestamp named as 'start' at the beginning of the function and one timestamp named as 'end' after completion of this function. Then I have calculated the total execution time to find all solutions by simply taking the difference between these two values. I have used the 'Netbeans IDE ' profiler to run the program and collect the data. After collecting this data I have redirected these results to the respective log files. I have iteratively performed the same process by increasing the number of queens by one in each iteration upto 18.
Because of the recursive and backtracking nature of this algorithm, the execution time increases gradually as the number of queens increase.
In order to reduce the execution time we need to parallelize the problem in such a way that the original problem is divided into sub-problems. These individual sub-problems can be executed in parallel using multiple threads.

2.2. Proposed Multi-threading approach

2.2.1 Time Slice for threads more than cores

Allow me to explain the basics of threading first. A thread is essentially a single sequence of instructions[10]. A process contains one or more threads. It is nothing but an instance of the program. Therefore, threads and cores are directly related to each other. For the operating system(OS), a thread is a unit of work which can be scheduled to execute on a single core[10].
Time division multiplexing is a type of technique which generally used by the operating system to make a single core able to run multiple threads. The OS sets up a timer which interrupts the system at a fixed interval[10]. A single interval is known as a time slice. At the occurrence of this interrupt, the OS...

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