National Cherry Blossom Festival Essay

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National Cherry Blossom Festival

The festival I have picked to do is the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. I thought this festival was interesting because it is not just an average festival with delicious food, live music and countless family and friend activities, but a festival to celebrate and honor a friendship between two countries. I think that this is a festival everyone should go and see at least once in their life.
The atmosphere of the people there and the color of the blossoms is just breathtaking, it is not something you can just look at from a photo, for a photo cannot capture the true beauty of it. Also to see the national monuments through the colors of the trees on a beautiful spring day adds to the scenic view.
This year Washington D.C celebrated the Cherry Blossom’s 104th year from when the first set of 2,000 trees were sent over from the Japanese mayor in 1910, but unfortunately that set of 2,000 trees were diseased and died quickly. In 1921 the Japanese mayor sent over 3,000 more trees. He did not want the United States to think that he planned on sending us a bad set of trees and wanted to keep the peace and friendship that the United States and Japan had. ("National Cherry Blossom Festival").
Each year Washington, D.C decides to celebrate the gift of the trees and honor the lasting friendship between the United States and Japan.
Since First Lady Helen Herron Taft’s involvement in planting the first tree in the West Potomac Park, each of the nation’s first ladies have been proponents of the Festival ("National Cherry Blossom Festival"). Each first lady has done their own part in this festival. Some of the most recent first ladies have even held Honorary Chair, and many others participate in the plan of the festival. First Lady Hillary Clinton took part in the tree planting ceremony and First Lady Laura Bush greeted guests with remarks at the Opening Ceremony in 2001. And later in 2012 First Lady Michelle Obama was involved in the festival by planting a cherry tree in West Potomac Park among dignitaries and guests ("National Cherry Blossom Festival").
The National Cherry Blossom Festival used to be just one to two weeks long; however in 2012 it expanded to five weeks to provide a tribute to the 100 year anniversary of the gift of the trees. The extended dates also provide a way to bring more people to come and visit the festival. Over the last year there were over 1.5 million people who went and saw the trees and took part in the events during the entirety of the festival.
The 2014 National Cherry Blossom Festival took place from March 20th till April 13th. The events of the festival ranged from a 5k/10k run to family and children’s events. This festival has it all!
Starting on March 20th they had a few different events going on like a community art show, workout dance classes and a Pink Tie party fundraiser. March 22nd was the opening day of the festival and with that they had the National...

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