Need For Further Research Essay

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Need for Further Research
Grippingly, although research already has been done to examine the association between fall rates and call bell response time, further research is needed. Further studies utilizing larger samples would more accurately depict the association. The surveys utilized small samples. Also, the research reviewed utilized archived data or surveys. Furthermore, some of the studies utilized a call bell tracking system to determine the time range in which call bell activation was answered. However, a more accurate method needs to be utilized when drawing conclusions about the rate of falls and response time. For example, a call bell tracking system will not reveal what conditions existed on the unit and if nursing staff was in the room already when the call bell was activated. Further research is needed using a multi-hospital approach to demonstrate that the previous research findings conducted on a limited number of hospitals may be applied to hospitals universally. Additionally, research considering patients at risk for falls and those with altered mental status may be beneficial when studying fall rates and response time association.
Method and Design
Since further research is needed to better understand the association between the rate of falls and staff response time, choosing a method and design that will examine these variables specifically is very important. Therefore, the method that will be utilized in the study will be a quantitative study, which will be appropriate in measuring both response time and the rate of falls (Polit & Beck, 2011). Non-experimental research will be conducted. Because in the study researchers will examine the effect of possible causes, nursing staff response time, which will not be manipulated, a correlational design will be used to examine the relationship between the rate of falls and staff response time (Polit & Beck, 2011).
Proposed Sample and Setting
Examining the association between the rate of falls and staff response time will take place on medical units at a community hospital, Rex Healthcare, in Raleigh, North Carolina. The medical units that will be involved in the study include the following: a thirty-two bed medical/surgical unit, a thirty-one bed oncology unit, a thirty-two bed neurological unit, a thirty-two bed orthopedic unit, and a thirty bed bariatric unit. All the patients on these units will be involved in the study. The clinical manager on each unit will be informed of the study by the director of the medical department.
Data Collection Method
Additionally, the data collection method that will be involved to test the hypothesis requires each unit to assign a staff member to answer call lights on each shift. The call bell system on each unit displays the room that is activating the call light and the time it is activated. The staff member, who will answer call lights, will not cancel the call light after it is answered. The time will be measured from...

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