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The words of Amelia Earhart, "Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace with yourself" can be related to the woman I have chosen.

I have chosen to write about a woman who has been an inspiration in my life. She has inspired me to continue my education as well as to grow in my field of work. Due to the Professor’s instructions, I will keep my chosen woman’s identity confidential, although she made it clear in our interview that she wouldn’t mind inspiring other women by announcing her name.

I will begin by introducing her as a Puerto Rican young woman born in the Harlem Hospital in New York and raised in The Bronx, on a hot 30th day of June in the year 1976. She was the first of three bright young women. As a child she was raised very religiously, always being reminded that everything is possible in God. She was born and raised in church and as a child loved singing to the almighty. At home with her parents and two younger sisters, she was always energetic and ready to take charge. She tells me that as a young girl she always loved teaching her younger sisters everything she knew. Her parents never achieved an education, her father only made it to high school and her mom never made it out of elementary school. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, her parents were forced by their parents to leave school and work to help maintain their homes. Her father worked in a metal warehouse and had no time to sit and help her with her school work. Her mom never learned to write and read due to never finishing elementary school. So she found herself staying after school everyday and receiving all kinds of tutoring so that she would be able to pass grade, and she did. While growing up she had to be her sister’s tutor and help them pass their grades, she remembers that she would play school with her sisters and would be the teacher, the principal, the hall monitor and the security guard. It was already within her what her field would be, becoming a teacher and even a principal. Mrs. Godbread her third grade teacher, was her role model, she admired her teaching techniques and loved her dearly for attending her. Mrs. Godbread would stay with her after school and tutor her, because she knew that this bright young girl had a dreams and she knew that one day she would achieve them. She applied to a High School that focused in Education, and there she was able to get the experience and knowledge she needed to prepare herself for College. She applied and was accepted to Hunter College in New York, where she struggled for two years to find herself getting discharged due to a budget cut. She told me how she remember going home with tears in her eyes knowing that she might have to start over or probably not go to a college that can prepare her to become a teacher. Her father was able to supply her with the money so that Hunter College can accept her again and she can finish. She finally decided to apply for Touro College, in New York and was gladly...

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