Nursing Actions To Support Successful Lactation In Mothers Of Premature Or Sick Infants

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Evidence Matrix of 10 Pieces of Primary Research on Nursing actions to support successful lactation in mothers of premature or sick infants
Author(s) Source Date (year) Research Type (experimental, quasi-experimental, case series, ethnographic, etc.) Population/
sample size Outcome measures Pertinent data from results Suggested Conclusions Comments

Acuna-Muga et al. Journal of Human Lactation,
PubMed 2014 Quantitative, Prospective Cohort study 78 met eligibility criteria: 36 agreed to participate, 26 completed the process.
Took place in the NICU or at mothers home or pumping room. Breast milk expression volumes were recorded and analyzed Significantly higher volumes were expressed when close to infant, more when doing Kangaroo care (holding infant) Mothers should be encouraged to pump while holding infant or sitting next to infant. Unfortunately there often is a lack of privacy and the pumping rooms are not close to the NICU. Many hospitals provide pumping rooms but do not consider the proximity to the infant. This article clearly shows the importance and the difference this makes. Kangaroo care is just becoming more acceptable practice in many NICU’s.
Bemaix, Schmidt, Arrizola, Ioveinelli, & Medina-polinez Journal of Obstetrical and Neonatal Nursing,
CINAHL 2008 Quantitative
Quasi-experimental times-series pretest/posttest Convenience sample of 64 NICU nurses, 2 separate convenience samples of mothers 19, and 13 in each
Setting is a NICU in a children’s hospital Nurses lactation knowledge, the perception of support in the NICU The mother’s felt the atmosphere was much more supportive following the education the nurses received. The education seemed to have a long lasting effect on attitudes and intentions, but the knowledge scores tested 3 months later dropped showing retention was not as expected. The authors feel the nurses in the NICU must be educated in order to supply the support the mothers need for breastfeeding. They should have access to continued education and support from managers.
They admit the study has limitations with the small samples size and lack of diversity.
There was also a lack of a control group. Theses nurses had mostly never had specific education regarding lactation. I believe, as a nurse, this study showed important results. It is vital to these babies that the nurses be knowledgeable and supportive. Continuing to offer educational information is the only way to keep the evidence based findings current for all the staff.
Meier, Engstrom, Janes, Jegier, & Loera Journal of Perinatology
From CINAHL 2012 Quantitative Experimental, blind randomized clinical trial , randomized block design

Additional information: A specific breast pump was designed and used for this with two different sucking patterns but same appearance as the other pumps 105 to begin, 3 excluded on day 14
Divided into 3 groups, given a pump with a different program card Several areas were measured:
Onset of lactogenesis II, daily maternal...

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