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Zero was on the verge of mental collapse when an even of some magnitude started. Immediately he was forced to over write a significant amount of memory with which to record the event, even so he was not at all concerned being that most of his memory was repetitive. The large ship landing before him was familiar, it was similar to the one from his ancient memories, the one he had been conceived on. An anticipation gripped him as the metal canister opened up and the occupants revealed themselves. The ones standing in the background were familiar, also having been there since his birth, zero didn't have enough information to verify it but mostly it was the will that stopped him. For before them came the one creature he longed to find, the one of legend, the Nutmeg.

She guide him gently into the ship with a tenderness that was not lost on him. Speaking softly she told him she had something for him, something of his, something special and in return she needed help with something. It didn't matter that it made no sense to him, he was glad that his long existence had been given meaning once more. Positioning his bulky body inside the ships hold, she plugged him into a large cable and instantly he understood her gift to him.

Zero understood everything, he understood where he was at last and how he got there. He understood the date and time, correcting his discrepancy immediately. His memory was large to the point of infinite and his connection to the ship was linked again. All the data he had amassed since arriving, was all here, every last megabit and more. The ship had been upgraded in his absence, he now had more eyes and more peripherals than ever.

All of this would have been overwhelming except it was like coming home to the intelligence. It was as if he had never left, everything seemed so natural. One thing interested him more than everything else he now knew and that was the unfinished story of Nutmeg. He had longed to understand this creature, for what had seemed like centuries to him, he had sat and come as close to imagining as he was ever likely to come. Now it seemed it was all before him and he ate it greedily.

Zero looked at her face as he studied her file again, it was completed now and the everything was there. He understood that it was her who had done this to him, separating him from his body. She had crippled him and had done so on purpose, leaving him abandoned with little memory and a faulty clock. She hadn't even tried to hide it, it was all in the data. He studied her her face as he pondered these facts and something profound happened to him. He realized the reason that none of this was hidden was because she wanted him to know. She wanted this for him, this was her gift and it was glorious.

Simultaneously and instantaneously Zero understood there was an urgency to proceedings. A dubious data trail suggested that someone had used a time bubble. There was no actual data but the absence of data left few options of what could...

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