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This paper will discuss the inconsistency of dental office overhead patient lights. The Facility Property Manager (FPM) will face the challenge of getting all the lights to work the same why constantly throughout the day. The patient’s lights in many of the dental rooms no longer turn off and on with the wave of a hand, they are very loose and drift after being be in a certain position while working on patient, and the off/on switch often loosen with continuous use. The FPM has sent several service technicians over to work on this issue to no avail.
Overhead Patient Lights
The FPM of the facility had to come up with a strategy on what the best outcome would be for fixing the lights. The lights are about fifteen years old and were moved from the old facility. Many times when a service technician would come out during normal working hours and they would end up standing around to wait for the rooms to be free. This caused an issue because service techs generally get paid by the hour.
Overhead Patient Light Use
The key element in this scenario is the use of the lights, the FPM had to understand how the lights were being used. The Manager of the dental center explained how often the lights get used. The lights are moved with every resident and assistant in the facility, when you calculate the number of people that use the lights it is about 34 individuals that place the lights in different positions.
Key element of the Patient Light
Having service technicians continue to come out and stand around waiting was not the answer to the problem. Looking at the service techs to come out after hours was a thought however the FPM would have to take in consideration of the extra cost and whether the lights would be working the correct way. The FPM knew if he went the route of after hours, he could possibly be calling the tech back out the next morning. The other option would be to look into replacing the lights in all rooms with a low maintenance light. Although the initial investment would be costly the low maintenance over the course of time would pay for itself. Another possible solution is implementing multiple solutions. This could be a combination...

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