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Instructional Strategies Paper
When get involved in a class room as a teacher or a practitioner you will see many different instructional strategies that teachers may use. These strategies may change from teacher to teacher and grade level to grade level because not all strategies work for everyone. That is one that that Mrs. Franzmeier told me was that I need to find instructional strategies that work for me and for the way I teach. She told me that it is something that sitting in a classroom listening to a professor all day can teach you. She said that you need to be in the classroom getting hands on experience to gain the knowledge. During this time I saw three different instructional strategies used. She had the use of whole group instruction, co teaching, and cooperative learning.
The first strategy I will look into and talk about is how Mrs. Franzmeier used whole group instruction. She used whole group instruction to the whole class during math and right before reading groups. I can see this strategy being used in every single subject and just altered for other students. Whole group instruction can be found in many different ways. It can be verbal, a checklist, written, and it can also be a combination of all of these ideas. Mrs. Franzmeier used a combination of all of them she had the information written out on the board on what was going to be accomplished she also had checklists and times and finally she would verbally explain it to the class. This strategy affects the students learning because whole group instruction is the first step for checking for understanding from the students. The reason for this is because you need to make sure everything is clear to the students before moving on otherwise it is only going to cause confusion. This strategy can be used in every day class rooms for all subjects. I feel as if this would be the first way to present something to your class then go around and break it down for those individuals who need the extra support.
The next strategy I saw used a lot in Mrs. Franzmeier room was co teaching. This worked really great when it came to the reading groups. What would happen was they would have what they called was a 2 ring circus. The students would work on reading fluency and bettering there reading at one table with Mrs. Franzmeier after...

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