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There comes a time in every little boys life that the best present he can get is a remote controlled car. After all, driving and car is equated with freedom and maturity, a sign that one is “grown-up”. At the age of six when I entered that phase, I too wanted a remote controlled car, but for a different reason. While my friends raced and, eventually, wrecked their toys cars, I dissected mine. I wasn’t excited at the prospect of pseudo-driving a car, but rather intrigued at how it was possible that the wheels spun and turned at the push of a joystick. My curiosity got the better of me and I ripped off the plastic body to see what lay within. What I saw changed my life. I saw a chain of interconnected moving gears (which I later found was called the transmission) engage the whole system. As the motor spun the inside of the car came alive. Like a chain reaction each gear spun the next one until everything came into motion with complete synchronization. It caught my attention like a magic trick captivates a five-year old. This excitement was not because I found a new toy, rather because I understood how it functioned. It was simple yet complex at the same time. I could make sense of it at an age when I did not have the physics to describe it. Sadly, after my father saw what I did to the expensive brand new toy it was some time before he let me put my hands on another one.
That was the day my love affair with mechanical engineering started.
A few years later this passion led me to embark on Project Go-Kart; an effort to build a go kart from scratch. Being in a country like Pakistan, it was an idea unheard of. Hardly anyone knew what a go-kart was let alone how to build one. After months of research I finalized a design with every detail, where the engine would fit, where the...

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1587 words - 6 pages of us into the people that we are today. These pieces of Celtic folklore have shown me parts of my family that I never knew existed, and they are links to my past, present and future. Works Cited Browne, Ray B., William John Roscelli, and Richard J. Loftus. The Celtic Cross; Studies in Irish Culture and Literature. Freeport, NY: for Libraries, 1970. Print Desmond, Colm. Personal Interview. 3 November 2011. O'Brien, Máire, and

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