Phantom Of The Opera And Water

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May 15, 2014
CPT Essay – Phantom of the Opera and Water
Christine and Erik used romantic relationships to discover themselves while Chuyia created a family in order to discover who she was. Christine, Erik and Chuyia followed in the ways of Gandhi in finding themselves by losing themselves in the service of others. Relationships are the key factors for every character to discovery themselves and to accept the change that has occurred in their life. Whether this relationship be of a lover, an enemy or even a motherly figure; each character utilizes the people in their lives to forget their hardships and create a better a brighter life. Though it is hard at the beginning to accept the loss of their original characteristics and views, as soon as the protagonist are capable of letting this go and focus mainly on the individuals within their lives; they can finally begin to see themselves for who they truly are and not what society has made them believe as true. Though childhood experiences set the foundation for an individual’s life; the current people that surround them are able to switch the road they believed they were stuck on.
The life a person lives through creates a firm understanding of themselves and a strong acceptance to their abilities. However these lessons that many learn at such a young age were twisted and horribly deformed for the main character of Phantom of the Opera. Erik grew up surrounded by hate from his own mother; who shriveled back in fear at the very appearance of
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his face leading Erik to live a life of self-hate and envy towards all people. Erik became a poor, lonely man who only hungered for the very life he was rejected from while growing up. “I am tired of it! I want to have a nice, quiet flat, with ordinary doors and windows and a wife inside it, like anybody else!” (225) Erik speaks here to the Persian, explaining how he wishes to not live underground, hidden away and to be able to live in a normal home, get married and live a traditional life. Erik’s relationship with Christine is taunted with the belief that them being together will make him normal, yet will not accept that the distortion is not his face; but his very self. At the end, when Christine shows Erik the love and acceptance he never received his when he finally accepts that fact that this is all he had ever wanted. Erik lost his old self when he finally stopped hating himself and blaming every act of hate towards him was based on his appearance, and only of his actions. “I was only a poor dog, ready to die for her…but that she could marry the young man when she pleased, because she had cried with me and mingled her tears with mine!...” (254) As Erik states in this quote, he explains to his friend the Persian how he allowed Christine to be seat free because she had not flinched at his touch or sight; she had allowed him to feel normal. Erik as this very moment was able to...

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