Plan B Available To Fifteen Year Olds

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Can you imagine your teenage daughter being able to make life changing grown up decisions without your consent? If you are like me this just made you gasp for air. This topic has always been a very sensitive topic for parents to speak with each other about due to differing opinions on child rearing and moral ethics. A girl under the age of eighteen cannot vote but she can now purchase Plan B morning after birth control without saying a word to her parents or any adult for that matter. While the government is knowledgeable about making laws, parents should still have the final say about what their children are consuming so they can give accurate information resulting in better decisions.
Plan B is a pill that when taken prevents pregnancy after unprotected sex. Plan B is composed of progestin levonorgestrel. This hormone blocks ovulation which is how, it prevents pregnancy. If Plan B is taken within 72 hours after you have had unprotected Plan B can reduce the risk of pregnancy by up to 89%. If the pill is taken within 24 hours it increases the effectiveness up to 95%. (Khan, 2013)
The FDA has approved over the counter use of Plan B morning after pill for use by all women and girls who can potentially bear children no matter how young they are in age.(Khan, 2013) Plan B will be available at all pharmacies on the shelves for teenagers to get without a prescription or a parent present.
I became interested in this topic because I am a parent of two daughters. I would be very upset to find out that they are not only having sex at such a young age but buying morning after pills and I do not have to be informed about it. I think that although they are going through woman changes with their bodies such as menstruation and hormone changes they should still have to talk to a parent about what they are consuming so that their parents can be sure that they are informed of the consequences and the effects and really get a good foundation for what they are doing. Teenagers have enough peer pressures and misguidance to deal with in life because incorrect information is coming from other teenagers instead of adults who know the facts versus rumors.
One of the reasons I am against fifteen year olds being able to purchase Plan B morning after pill without parent’s consent is they lack the knowledge to know what they are doing. How would they know how to use this pill and how it prevents pregnancy and they do not know the medical terms for their bodies such as ovulation, zygotes, menses etc.? Everything they would know about the pill would be word of mouth from their friends or through misguided attempts at research on the internet. Plan B has to be taken within 72 hours in order to be effective although, within twenty four hours of unprotected sex would have the best results. If they do not take this correctly this could end in the result of an unwanted pregnancy anyway but, if teenagers had informed an adult of their situation the dosage and requirements for...

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