Police Officers: The Challange Of Handlig A Riot

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Each and every-day of our lives we are protected by men and women in the police force. Police officers must handle extremely dangerous situations like fights, robberies, or even riots. During riots police officers use many weapons to subdue rioters, but sometimes the less lethal weapons can be just as bad as the lethal ones.
What do you think the world would be like if you didn’t have anybody to enforce the law every day, or when you are in trouble and there is nobody is there to come and help you? The world would be a completely different place if there weren’t any police officers. Everybody would just do what they want or get whatever they want. Well that is why one day somebody decided to change that. People that protect us every day and enforce the law are called Police officers. Police officers mainly protect the general public, but they can be assigned to protect a certain person or group. (Woolley) Police officers make sure that everybody is following the law and that everyone is safe and happy. "The training to become a police officer takes place after they are hired when they are sent to a police academy. The academy will provide both basic police training and training that is specific to the agency. Training is very tough and it takes awhile to cover all of the needs to become an officer. Training covers field-training topics, such as first aid, driving and firearms” (Gresham). The police academies are very important in developing these officers to be the best and most ready officers they can be. If officers are not ready in serious situations, some really bad things would happen and that would put a lot of lives in danger.
There are several requirements to be a police officer, and these requirements are very strict. You must complete and pass the following:
"Earn at least a high school diploma or GED. Demonstrate your physical fitness for the job through agility, strength and endurance tests. Pass a criminal history check. Pass the civil service exam. Impress people with your interview, where you’ll demonstrate why you are a viable, trustworthy candidate for a job protecting the public. Complete police academy training, where you will study subjects like policing tactics, crime scene processing, police ethics, and proper use and care of firearms” (How).
On everyday basis police officers have certain equipment they have to carry. Some of these things can be dangerous and others are not. Almost all police officers carry a pistol with them at all times. A lot of the police officers today choose to carry a glock handgun. The Glock is a very reliable gun because it is known for its accuracy and durability which give them a one up on other handguns. But police officers are allowed to carry any handgun they choose. “Also, almost every police car comes with a standard 12 gauge shotgun. Officers will use buckshot which is used for targets farther than 20 yards. (Equipment) Shotguns are not used very often, if they...

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