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As I drive to work I think of all the wonderful experiences I just might encounter today on the chicken farm. As I arrive at the farm, I look out and see the six chicken houses, all with two of their four four-foot exhaust fans running. I think to myself, well at least it will be warm inside. I start walking toward the garage; I get there and talk to my boss for a couple minutes. We discuss what houses might have problems in them that I need to look for. After our little chat I am ready to start working. I look around the garage to find my work boots, which are old slip on shin high boots. There they are in the corner; right where they belong because those dirty things should not be seen. I throw on my boots and gloves and pick up my mask, the same one from the past couple of days. I sometimes like to think I'm going into surgery because I have the same exact mask that doctors wear in the surgery room. I head back out the door and into the old Ford Ranger farm truck. The truck reminds me of a demolition car because it is so beat-up. I look for the keys and then I remember that this truck doesn't keys. I attempt two or three times to get the truck fired up. Finally on the third try she starts up. I press the brake put in it gear, and it conks out. I had forgotten that the truck needs time to warm up before I put it in gear. So I put it back in park and start up again. This time I let it warm up. Now I'm ready.I go to the first house and open up the middle door on the side. As I enter all of the chickens around the door scrabble scared towards the middle of the house. I look around the house I notice the two sets of feed and water lines. The feed lines run from one end the house to the other and the water lines run from one end of the house to the other with a break in the middle and two water lines surround each feed line. The feed lines are made of metal pipe with an auger in the middle to move the feed done the line. The water lines are made of PVC pipe that runs the water to the birds. Wenches, pulleys that lower and raise the lines, located through out the house control both the feed and water lines. Both the feed lines and water lines are located on the ground when the chickens are in the house and up when there are no chickens in the lines are up. The houses have gas heaters located along the sides to keep the temperature up. There are curtains on the windows of the chicken houses that can be raised or lowered to let air in and out. This will bring the temperature down on hot days. Both the heaters and curtains are controlled by a temperature system on a computer. The computer determines whether it is too hot or too cold, depending on where you have set the temperature. The computer is located in the house and is set to determine the temperature by my boss every time a new group of chickens come in. The temperature is set at 85 when the birds are chicks, or babies, and...

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