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The quality of management in an organization determines how well a company will do. According to Taylor, Fayol, Weber and other classical theorists, there is a single best way for organization to be structured. The challenge to that idea is known as the contingency theory, which states that there is no one best way to organize your structure. I believe that the contingency theory is correct, but that in some cases, different approaches work better than others. In this paper I will be discussing three important management functions that I believe if implemented, will help lead to having a very successful organization. I will also be comparing them to three other ideas that are not quite as effective. The three functions or structures that I believe should be used are: using stretch goals instead of incremental or easy, having a decentralized structure instead of a centralized one, and having a very strong code of ethics instead of a lax code of ethics. As you will see, all three of these functions are related in some way, and help build on each other.


Stretch goals are goals that will challenge and stretch subordinates' ability but are not out of reach and will not require an impossibly high expenditure of managerial time and energy. Stretch goals are extremely ambitious targets that are very difficult to achieve.

IMPORTANCE. Stretch goals are important because they lead to the highest amount of effort put in by the employee. With impossible goals, the employee isn't motivated because he believes that the goals are so hard to achieve that it is a waste of time and energy to even try. With incremental or easy goals, the employee is working to achieve it, but may not be putting forth their best effort. Once they reach their goal, they may no longer be motivated to work hard because there is nothing to strive for. Stretch goals however are very hard to achieve, therefore the employee is not able to be lazy if he hopes to attain them. With stretch goals, you are constantly trying to find the most effective and efficient way to reach these goals. For example, if a company has a goal of zero waste, that would be a stretch goal. Even though it is scientifically impossible to have zero waste, it would be more effective than an incremental goal of 5% decrease per year, because it keeps the company in a constant battle for greater improvement.

IMPLEMENTATION. Stretch goals are good for a company to have, but using them effectively may be easier said than done. In order for stretch goals to work, the employee must feel highly motivated to achieve them. This can be done two different ways. The first way is to have a fair rewarding system in place, the equity theory is crucial here. The other way is by having the subordinate take part in the decision making process. If they are a part of it, then they are more apt to work harder to achieve the goals that they came up with, instead...

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