Protect The Nation Or Yourself? Essay

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What should a person care about more, the nation or the individual? If an individual wants privacy for his personal life instead of national security, that is providing himself with less protection. It is said that privacy is one of the cherished freedoms in our democracy. Everyone wants privacy in their life, but privacy can only go so far without having protection. National security is what keeps the United States safe. National security is the building block of a country, because without security anyone can take a country or destroy it. Most people want their life private, but if national security means keeping yourself and others around safe, why not choose it instead? When choosing national security or privacy, an individual is choosing themselves or themselves plus everyone around them. Because national security is such a crucial factor in our country, the government must take drastic measures to ensure the security of the nation.
National security laws is a stepping stone in the building of our country. National security agency and the central security service is a high-technology within the United States Department of Defense. The agency has two missions: first, information assurance, second, signals intelligence (“National Security Agency”). Information assurance seeks to ensure the security of private information and by signalling intelligence the individual gathers and analyzes secret information. People signalling intelligence are responsible for codes and ciphers. They also handle secret information between the United States and foreign countries. The National Security Agency has a important value while protecting our country, for instance “we will protect national security interests by adhering to highest standards of behavior” (“Central Security Service”). The National Security Agency was established in 1952. The Central Security Service came about in 1972. The whole agency is based in Fort Meade, Maryland. In the 2000s, it became public that the National Security Agency/Central Security Agency has secretly been authorized to monitor everyone’s telephone and electronic communications between the United States and overseas with no warrant. The Central Security Service provides accurate support and knowledge to the military. It is in partnership with the National Security Service and the military.
The government is constantly watching U.S. citizens and everything they do. Cameras are posted at red lights and at light posts. Every stop made at red lights by travelers is recorded and stored by google, comcast, or verizon. Employers place cameras in stores when you walk in and around different isles. They even place cameras in their parking lots. They are mostly looking for shoplifters but could occasionally come across a individual who is planning to harm others. Also, retailers scan and analyze every purchase made. Smart tvs monitor what each individual is watching. The government keeps a watch every...

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