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This paper will discuss the importance of the use of isolation precautions, and hand hygiene. It will discuss how a nurse named Sophie helps mentor a new CNA staff member to the team by constructively teaching him about proper use of Personal Protection Equipment and good Hand Hygiene. It will also give an example a constructive way for Sophie to address the problem at hand. Sophie is what you would call a Link Nurse. The purpose of a link nurse is to reduce the infection rates of the facility of employment. The nurse will mentor staff and teach by example along with watching different tasks and giving good constructive feedback. The paper will narrate some of the teaching Sophie gives Miguel.
As Miguel, a new CNA, came out of the room his nurse Sophie noticed that he was not wearing the isolation gown, gloves, or mask. She asked him for a private moment away from others ears and eyes and inquired about it, “Miguel I noticed you didn’t have on the isolation equipment when you came out of the room. Do you know they are on precautions?” Miguel’s response “I saw the stuff sitting there but didn’t really know what it was for. Did I just contaminate myself?” Sophie took this as a learning opportunity to teach Miguel about the precautions and why someone might be on them.
“By washing our hands and having good hand hygiene we are showing the patients, their family and everyone around that you care enough about the well-being of the patients to make sure you are not spreading germs,” Sophie said. She explained to him that there are many types of protection in nursing. Some of the most basic things like washing hands or hand sanitizers vitally important to the spread of disease. This is also called hand hygiene or HH. Alcohol base hand sanitizers are useful where soap and water are not available but soap and water is the best so wash when you can. If your hands are visibly soiled you need to use soap and water. Use warm running water, get a good lather of soap and scrub your hands not forgetting the nail beds and the back of your hands for at least 30 seconds. Then rinse all soap off and dry your hands. When you dry your hands you need to turn the water off with clean dry paper towels. “Hand hygiene is the most important thing you can do to stop the spread of disease,” Sophie told Miguel. “So you are saying by washing my hands I am showing my patients I care enough when I enter a room to protect them from other germs? That is a good way to show the patient and the family members I care. I never thought about it that way,” Miguel said. Here is a good study to look up on hand hygiene compliance from the American Journal of Infection Control. It states this as some results, “A reduction in Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) rates was as follows in intervention period compared with baseline: HCA-MRSA decreased by 28% from 0.92 to 0.67 cases per 1,000 PD, and Health-Care Acquired Methicillin-resistant...

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