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Quite often, it is said that most boys look at their fathers as their role models. In most boys' eyes, their father is a hero. They try to shape themselves just like their fathers at a very tender age. Sometimes, when they grow older, they are like the reflection of their fathers. Not only do they have the same looks but they also have the same morals and values as their fathers once did. Sometimes, these children learn from their father and develop a very intense interest in their father's profession. More often than not, a person's family helps in shaping the person's future. A person is usually a portrait of where he comes from, what he has been through, the hardships he has seen and the experiences that he has had through his life.

Stephen Spender was born in London, England on the 28th day of February in the year 1909. His father, Edward Harold Spender was a journalist and a lecturer. Moreover, not surprisingly, he took much interest in his father's profession. He was also the nephew of the liberal journalist and biographer J.A Spender. Spender's mother was half German and half German Jewish. He also had a younger sister, Margaret who died of cancer at a

young age, on Christmas day in 1945. From the year 1928 till 1930 he was educated at Oxford. Oxford was at that time and has always been one of the most prestigious University colleges. Stephen Spender was a member of the generation of British poets who are came to prominence in the 1930s, a group- sometimes referred to as the Oxford Poets- that included W. H. Auden, Christopher Isherwood, C.Day Lewis, and Louis MacNeice. (Eder,Doris). In his autobiograohy he mentioned that from the years 1930 till 1933 he had a homosexual relationship with Christopher Isherwood. During this time, he spent many months with Isherwood in Germany. However, it was only for a minor part of his life that he chose to be homosexual. Spender declares in his autobiography that he finds his relationships with women to have been more satisfying and lasting than those with men. In world within world, Spender is candid about being bisexual, as he is about everything else. He says he sought out men for intellectual and artistic comradeship, for relationships in which total identification was the aim, and and women for a more sensual mystical kind of union (Eder, Doris). When Spender was 27, he married Agnes (Inez) Pearn who was also and Oxford student. She was a scholar of Spanish and their marriage only lasted 3 years. He did not have any children from Agnes. He remarried in 1941. He married Natasha Litvin who was a pianist. They had two children, Mathew Francis and Elizabeth .

Evidently, Stephen Spender was not a materialistic man. He was very knowledgeable and he was very inclined not only towards literature and politics but also towards the arts. He used painting as a form of self-therapy. Alongside, he was also extremely social. " Above

all Stephen Spender was a social animal, handsome, with great...

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