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It should be noted that all real estate agents and brokers operate under a strict procedural and ethical code monitored by the real estate commission. many of the rules and regulations come from the U.S. senate, and the state of Idaho, and must be strictly adhered to. Agents who fail to follow these regulations shall be, and frequently are, fined or have their license revoked

As it turns out, having chosen to job shadow my grandfather and to learn about the occupation of being a real estate agent was an excellent choice. I originally thought that there may not be a lot to write about, but I quickly learned that there was much more to real estate than I had ever imagined. I discovered that in real estate, a community of individuals and companies work together to keep the process of buying and selling properties running smoothly. Learning about the daily activities, and actively searching out the many organizations that agents work with was far more complicated and challenging that I had originally expected. My knowledge and respect for this occupation has grown tremendously.
Gathering information about what it takes to become a real estate and just what it is that a real estate agent actually does required me to do a significant amount of research. The first action that I took was to sit down with my grandfather, who happens to be a real estate agent. I asked him what I should look in to in order to gain a better understanding of his profession. After interviewing him, we went to the offices of Atova Real Estate where I observed the daily activities of the real estate agents who work in the office. Later, we went to the offices of Pioneer Title, Guild Mortgage, and the Idaho Intermountain Multiple Listing Services. We did this because the interaction between agents and these companies is a major part of real estate. In order to gain more information, I also used the internet to learn more about Atova and the other organizations that agents work with. In each location, I took pictures in order to create my Power Point presentation.
I learned a lot while working on this project. Perhaps the most important knowledge that I gained is that once I graduate from high school, I do not desire to become a real estate agent. I have many reasons for this, but the most important reason is that agents are paid...

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