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I have removed Mastering 12-17, the problem that heavily emphasized fragmentation patterns because I am a pushover. I did notice that this question was only 1 out of 11, so if you missed the entirety of this question, it would have impacted your final grade by approximately 0.05%, or some other really inconsequential number. I mention this for two reasons. First, you shouldn't be focused on the points. That is not why you are being assigned homework. Furthermore, if you did the extra credit over the break, you are going to get 10 free points. Part of the purpose of these extra points was to account for mastering problems you couldn't or chose not to do. I love talking about organic chemistry; talking about points (especially inconsequential ones) is not my favorite thing to do.

Importantly, in your academic and professional lives, you are going to have to eventually figure out how to do something without an instructor to explain it to you. As an example, in graduate school, we met for 3 hours a week in an advanced synthesis course. And then, on the exam, there was not a single problem from what we covered during those class periods. When I inquired why that was (to other graduate students), the reason given was that the prof assumed we know the material that he talked about. And he wanted to see how well we could problem solve the material that we hadn't yet studied. How does this relate to the fragmentation patterns in Mass Spec? Well, obviously I don't think it is that important, especially given time considerations in lecture. However, with the textbook in hand, I would be shocked if every single one of you, with a bit of time and effort, couldn't eventually figure it out. And if you absolutely can't, then you should be nervous about whatever the next step in your academic career is. In medical school, pharmacy school, dental school, vet school or any of a variety of graduate programs, you are going to be expected to learn tons of material COMPLETELY ON YOUR OWN. Many times,...

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