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As a Latter Day Saint, I naturally have different religious views from other Christians. While Mormonism and Orthodox Christianity are similar in many ways, there are also many differences. Nevertheless, I have always been taught to tolerate and be respectful towards other religions despite our differences. I have also been taught to not judge nor criticize other religions no matter our difference in opinion, and instead to be friendly and open to listening to other people about their religion.
That is why it is important, as a Latter Day Saint, to be a good representation of my religion by being respectful of other religions and their views and to never criticize them, but to always tolerate and love other people from different religions no matter what.

It is important as a Latter Day Saint to be respectful of other religions and their views. Ever since I was about three years old, I have continuously been taught to treat others with respect, despite our differences. At that age, the lessons we received on respect were not focused on respecting other religions, but respecting others in general. As I got older, these lessons have become less general and have been focused mainly on respecting other religions. This is because we are at a time and age where there are many, many different religions and because of this, there are also many arguments about who belongs to the right and “true” church. Of course, every religion believes that they are the true and chosen religion of God. Nevertheless, we need to take into consideration that despite what we believe, others may believe differently and it is not okay to put down and/or criticize other religions because of difference of opinion. We are all sons and daughters of a God who loves us all very much. In his eyes, we are all equal. He does not put one of us above the other. He sent his son, Jesus Christ, to come down and die for us all, not just a certain group of people. So if God treats us all the same, why can we not treat our fellow humans (of our religion and not) equally? The answer is that we can, and we should! We should not judge nor disrespect others or their religion. It is our job as brothers and sisters in Christ to treat everyone equally. This does not mean that we have to be converted or go to other churches that are not our own, but to remember to be polite and if interested, be open to learning and talking about other religions graciously. It is important to always remember to treat others and...

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