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Xacks made a beeline for the coordinates Nutmeg gave him, figuring there was no point in trying to loose their pursuers. The illusion of, the ghost of a chance they stood, was all but evaporated into the atmosphere now and for the first time in a long time Xacks felt the natural rush of fear. It was a primal instinct he had left behind a long time ago and to have it back now was as good as getting high. Still the thought of some slime doing him over in less than a nano second, pissed him off righteously.

He had heard of the ability to time cloak before, but like most things it was theoretical. The thought that someone had actually perfected a working version was unbelievable. The power to drive such a device was unfathomable and with the absence of a small galaxy to rob of power, his guess would be drawing it from another dimension. That was long since proven to be possible, his own jump drive stealing a small power boost from a parallel system with every use. Whoever was tracking them was far in advance of anything they could ever hope to buy on the market. The only consolation was that whoever it was, hadn't killed them yet, it was a disturbing and exciting thought.

"There is something I have to tell you." Dana entered the cockpit behind them making Xacks turn and Nutmeg bristle again.

"How is ClickClack?" Xacks cut her short.

"She's doing well. Under all that shell it seems she's rather skinny." Dana updated him.

"I did pick a looker." He clicked in jest at her expense.

"She's been telling me to pass on the message that the ....thing gave me." Dana fumbled still shaken.

"What message? And what thing?" Nutmeg straitened up at the mention of a message.

"I mean the creature who grabbed me said to tell the rat that Coelurosauria is coming."

The effect was instant, Nutmeg froze in terror. Her unblinking gaze stared at Dana as a violent look passed across her face. Xacks could hear her heart beating from his seat as it pounded her mammalian blood. With a free hand he grabbed her shoulder causing her to retract and hiss defensively.

"What is it?" Xack asked forcefully. "Don't fucking flip on us now, what the fuck are we dealing with?"

"It's for me." Nutmeg slumped into the chair, letting out a held breath.

"The message?" He asked as he released her.

"The thing." Dana cut in on her behalf. "It was for you wasn't it? And this thing is after you?"

"Rat is a poor translation." She stated at Dana, making Xacks a little nervous, even he could see that rat was a racial slur. "The Coelurosauria is a mortal enemy of my kind. We co evolved with them but it wasn't like we ever made peace or got along. I mean we were their main food source."

"So whats so scary about them?" Xacks asked with an honest curiosity.

"That's just it, they're not that scary." Nutmeg said it but it was obvious she didn't feel it. "It's us. Our people, we have a genetic fear of them. Somewhere in evolution we developed a phobia of them that never went away."

"How do they...

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