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Welcome to the riddle box, the rules are very simple, read the riddle and try to solve it without looking at the answers. If you can’t solve the riddle then press the (click here to get the answer) bottom right under the riddle to get the solution. I hope you will enjoy this eBook as I much as I enjoyed creating it. Only one thing last to say, good luck and remember not to cheat.
I can think, but I cannot make my own decisions, someone needs to tell me what to do.
But what am I?
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I can be floating, I can be solid, and I can rise to the sky
Bur what am I?
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What grow and grow, over millions of years and suddenly stop growing.
What is this?
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What start as small as a peanut, and can become higher than a house. I can also be found almost everywhere on earth.
What is this?
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What is highest and closet’s to the ground at the same time?
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(1) A Computer
(2) Water
(3) A mountain
(4) Trees
(5) Air
End of answers
What goes up and never go down?
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As it drives faster and faster it becomes more stable.
But what is this?
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You can discuss what vehicle that is the safest, but what is the most used vehicle on the roads?
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I can run but not walk, I can be a pleasure or a pain.
But what am I?
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I am falling down from the sky and I stay where I land, if I land it depends on my size
What am I?
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(6) Your age
(7) A motorcycle
(8) A car
(9) A Nose
(10) A Meteorite
End of answers
I am so fast that, I am actually fastest thing in the universe.
What am I?
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I can look like everything if it stands the right place.
But what am I?
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What get wetter and wetter as I dry?
But what am I?
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What belongs to you your whole life but is used more of other’s than yourself?
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You can try to escape me, but no matter what you do I will always follow.
What am I?
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(11) Sunlight
(12) A Mirror
(13) A Towel
(14) Your name
(15) Your shadow
End of answers
A long time ago something hit earth and have been around earth ever since.
What is this?
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I have to be broken before you use me?
What am I?
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What time is it when an elephant sits on your fence?
What time is it?
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What has four legs and determent as human’s best friend.
What animal is this?
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How can you go nine days without sleep?
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(16) The moon
(17) An egg
(18) Time to buy a new fence
(19) A dog
20) Sleep at...

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