Robert Frost: Nature’s Poet Essay

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Mrs. Sorrentino
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20 March 2014
Nature’s Poet
“Two roads diverged and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all of the difference” (Hart 1). This is a quotation from the poem “The Road Not Taken” which was written by Robert Frost. Robert Frost was the most eminent poet of the twentieth century. Frost published 105 poems throughout his lifetime, but it wasn’t always easy for him. He faced the decline and death of his alcoholic, ambitious father (Dickey 1). We watched him as he shunted around the country as a poor relation as he borrowed money from the bank and then failed to pay it back (Dickey 1). He considers suicide, loses a child, and then settles on poetry as a salvation to cope with his problems (Dickey 1).
Robert Lee Frost was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California (Sampson 1). Frost’s father was a local newspaper journalist who was originally from New England, his name was William Prescott Frost Jr (Dickey 1). William named his first born child after his personal hero, Robert E. Lee (Frost Childhood 1). Frost’s younger sister Jeanie was born two years later (Frost Childhood 1). William Frost was very rough on his family, drank hard, and carried a pistol on him at all times (Frost Childhood 1). Young Robert’s mothers name was Isabelle Moodie, she was very optimistic and also suffered from depression (Frost Childhood 1). At the age of 12, Robert Frost’s father died from tuberculosis, which was caused by his severe alcoholism. (Sampson 1). The suddenly
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Impoverished Frost family moved from California to Lawrence, Massachusetts, to live with Frost’s paternal grandparents (Frost Childhood 1). After this unfortunate chain of events, the young Robert Frost decided that he should start writing about the rural scenery of Massachusetts. He drew pictures and wrote little summaries of the farm animals, the textures of the ground and the beautiful foliage of the autumn leaves (Hart 1).
Robert Frost attended Lawrence High school in Massachusetts which was his local school. Frost’s first poem was published in 1890, in his high school newspaper when he was sixteen years old (Hart 1). Robert Frost graduated from Lawrence High School, leaving proud as co-valedictorian (Frost Childhood 1). Frost attended Dartmouth College, and dropped out school after barely one semester in order to work for money purposes (Frost Childhood 1). For the next two years of Robert Frost’s life, he had problems with getting his poems published and getting his co-valedictorian, Elinor White, to marry him (Frost Childhood 1). Frost struggled repeatedly with both of these issues(Frost Childhood 1). Next Robert Frost printed a whole book of his poetry and gave...

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