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I predict that the employee turnover problem will continue to plague companies. It does not have a proactive plan to calm employee fears, and the company continues to overlook talented employees when they could offer recognition or advancement. If companies does not understand and work to mitigate this impact, employees will continue to leave. It will lose all the institutional knowledge that has been gained over the many years, as well as the strong relationships that exist with customers because individual employees, not the company as an entity, created those positive relationships. If it continues down this path, they will be bereft of talent and growth potential in the very near future.
First, it needs to take the time to understand why the staff acted in such a negative manner and these means truly listening to what the staff is saying and jointly develop ideas that might improve relations in the future. Next, it must act upon this input by designing and implementing activities and/or procedures that will achieve improved relationships and identification. Finally, it must reassess its organizational structure and possibly secure additional contracts to establish advancement pathways.
Developing Rural Outsourcing Programs
It cannot go back and undo the damage that was done to employee morale and loyalty during the downsizing phase. They can, however, learn from this mistake to establish positive programs that would strengthen employee-company relationships and commitment.
To this approach, it should try to establish a Rural Outsourcing program in our own backyard. It's a common lament that American jobs are being out-sourced to foreign countries, particularly to India and China. We ourselves need to find a way to combat that phenomenon, while providing jobs to those areas of the country that are in most need – the rural areas. We need to establish itself as a beacon of hope for many information technology graduates who want to live life in a small-town setting while, at the same time, holding down high-tech employment. Global outsourcing models have been proven that consultants can perform high quality work at off-site locations. We need to take that model and applied it to Rural America, where the lower costs of doing business in regions like Arkansas, New Mexico and North Carolina translate into sometimes 50 percent lower costs than services based in Metropolitan areas. We need to hire a good professional who has a good understanding of rural America and its myriad of possibilities. I come from a rural community and I believe America's rural community has a lot to offer. For Example: Places like Magnolia, Arkansas there are IT professionals who don't want to have to move away to find work in information technology. In another way it should position its centers near universities with strong information technology and computer science programs, and should be a viable avenue of employment for new college graduates. In fact,...

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