Hitler: Born Evil Or Did Life Make Him Evil?

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Hitler: Born evil or did life make him evil?

In the late 19th century, a baby was born unto the world. What most people would not realize is that this baby would, one day, grow up to become one of the world’s most hated human beings to ever live. Who is this devilish child? It is the German known as Adolf Hitler. Hitler was an Austrian born child, who had a pretty rough childhood. As an adult, he became a politician and with that came to the invention of a group of people known as the Nazis. This led to him gaining power and control. He started giving out orders that would be considered heinous to almost anyone. From the killing of the Jews, to his dictatorship, to even his childhood, Adolf Hitler was a person that liked to rebel, be in charge, and even be behind some of the world’s most violent acts.
This history begins way long ago in Europe. On April 20th, 1889, 125 years ago today, Adolf Hitler was born at the Upper Austrian border town of Braunau am Inn, 30 miles north of Salzburg (Wistrich 10 & Adolf Hitler: The 5). Hitler was born to the parents of Alois Hitler Sr. and his third wife Klara Poelzl (Wistrich 10 & Adolf Hitler: The 5). Hitler Sr. was a mid-level customs official from Austria. Poelzl, who also lives in Austria, was mostly a stay at home mother who also was raising other kids alongside the recently newborn kid Hitler (Adolf Hitler: The 5). After this day, nothing would be the same. For the parents, it would be a struggle to raise him. For Europe, he would trigger a new world war, but before he did that, he had to go through his childhood, and it wasn’t a pretty one either.
Hitler’s childhood was both tough for his parents and even more tough for Hitler himself. Hitler was a child who was resentful, moody, lazy, disconnected, and even hostile at times (Wistrich 10). He lived in Vienna until 1913 (Wistrich 10). He failed high school admission twice at Linz, and even when he got in he dropped out when he was 16 (Wistrich 10). Even without school, the majority of his childhood was miserable (Wistrich 10). He was very well devoted to his mother and he hated his father. Even though Hitler respected his father as a child, they had their share of differences. Their biggest fight came when Hitler decided that he wanted to be an artist. His father wanted him to become an civil servant instead (Wistrich 10). In 1903, Hitler’s father died and in 1907, Klara died of breast cancer (Wistrich 10). With just Hitler left in his family, since his brothers and sister had also died earlier, thats when he started changing for the worst when he started working up the political ladder in his adult years.
September 1919, the month and year when Hitler’s rise to power began (Adolf Hitler 1). He is now living in Germany and he has just gotten a political opportunity. He joined the political party known as the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (Adolf Hitler 1). In the early years of this particular party, Hitler rose to a place of prominence (Adolf Hitler 1)....

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