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Indeed, there are many reasons why rudeness is common in the workplace environment. Unfortunately, as you mentioned Emily, rude behavior is increasingly becoming the norm in today’s society. I agree with your analysis and would like to expound on your idea that rude behavior begins with interpersonal conflict.
As we all know and experience at some point in our lives, some individuals are just easier to deal with than others are. Interpersonal problems are more prevalent when difficult people are involved, and this is particularly true and most noticeable in the workplace. When personality traits, attitudes, perceptions, feelings, mannerisms, and behavior differ from our own, we can ...view middle of the document...

45). These suggestions, while in some instances are much easier said than done, are excellent tips to follow. Essentially, they follow the Golden Rule in treating others with respect. They also follow basic biblical principles.
When I worked in the hospital, one of my co-workers was extremely difficult to get along with; so much so that no one wanted to work a shift with her. She was very rude to customers, other staff, and fellow co-workers – she did not seem to care about anyone or anything. She was the most abrasive individual I have had the “pleasure” of encountering thus far in my life. Unfortunately, I had the “privilege” of working one day a week with her and decided from the start that I would “tackle” her from a different angle than others did. I approached her using all of the recommendations stated above, and I “showered” her with all the love I could muster and then some. I give God the glory because this love was not of my own. While this was not an easy task, it worked. After a while, she treated me with respect, and I actually looked forward to working with her. My supervisor at the...

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