Rudy, A Review

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"Rudy", set in 1975 is an award winning drama in which years of effort are rewarded by a brief moment of glory. The movie is based on the true story of Daniel Ruttiger, but was also known as Rudy among his family and friends. Rudy was five foot and weighed in at a hundred nothing. People around Rudy looked at him as a person without a spec of talent, but what those people failed to notice was his true talent of determination. Rudy was determined to live out his childhood dream of playing football for Norte Dame and nothing was going to stop him. Family, friends, and educational institutions put down Rudy for believing me himself. This was because in the people's opinion Rudy was too small, dumb, and poor to attend Norte Dame and play football. After every thing was all said and done, Rudy had to prove them wrong. The "Rudy" film is demonstrative master piece of inspiration, dedication, and a man with heart.

The first aspect that I noticed about the movie was how inspired Rudy was to plat Norte Dame Football. As a child, Rudy appreciated the glory of Football and how good it made him feel. Rudy also recognized the great history that the school developed and how Norte Dame was a town favorite. This might be why the inspirations were such an impact on Rudy. Rudy would listen and memorize the words of Norte Dames coach pre-game prep talk. Rudy would also every game that Norte Dame played and he would never miss a play. Rudy was so fascinated and inspired by the school that he would make it a life longed dream to play and attend the University of Norte Dame. In a movie review article an author shows us how Pete, Rudy's best friend, inspires Rudy by saying some important words, "having dreams is what makes life tolerable" (Richard Harrington, 1). This gives Rudy a reason to reach for his dream and to never give up. With the possibility that anything can happen at any time, Rudy was determined to accomplish hi s goal of playing ball.

The second aspect that was noticed bout Rudy was the dedication that he kept...

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