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Earth is home to innumerable species of animals. Many of these animals are endangered. These species have become endangered naturally or by humans. Humans have caused an enormous impact on the environment for many years which has caused damages to the ecosystem. Although saving these animals is an option, it will take everyone’s effort and determination to make it happen. The book 100 Heartbeats by Jeff Corwin tells the stories of animals that are endangered due to either human or natural reasons, and what is being done to save the animals from extinction. Even though saving species requires everyone’s effort, it should be a priority of all people, due to the fact that Earth is losing many species everyday because humans destroy many animal habitats. In 100 Heartbeats by Jeff Corwin, tells the importance of saving the animals, the background, reviews of the book, and the cultural impact all explain the main point about endangered species.

The dangers of humans and nature are always existent. The "accelerating habitat loss and extinction rates are hallmarks of the modern biodiversity crisis, the link between human enterprise and species extinction has existed for almost 100,000 years" (“Endangered” 2). Even though the endangered species list is longer than ever before, danger is always around when animals and humans live among each other. The rate of endangerment is growing more rapidly because of the human population growth. Most if the "Extinctions caused by humans are taking place at 100 to 1,000 times nature's normal rate between great extinction episodes" (“Species” 1). With humans existing side by side with nature, the dangers of harming the environment is accelerating, and may be unstoppable. Unless humans step up to the plate and fix what has been destroyed, there will be no hope to save any species. Humans are not the only danger out in the world to species in the environment. The "Biological evolution, driven by natural climate change, catastrophic geologic events, and competition from better-adapted species, has resulted in the extinction of billions of species since the advent of life on Earth about three billion years ago" (“Species” 1). Another danger for animals in the wild is nature itself. Almost everything is evolving and is now better adapted for the environment then species native to the land. The danger that these species face is resulting in their endangerment and extinction if not helped.

The animals that are in the path of never being seen again need to be protected. Protecting the animals brings the species population higher. The important "Endangered Species Act was passed in the United States to protect species that are rapidly declining due to human influences" (“Captive” 1). This Act helped raise the population of animals that were greatly endangered and also helped raise attention for saving the animals. Captive breeding and releasing is a very important task that will help save the animals from becoming extinct...

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