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Movie begins with a young Malcolm X Johnson walking down the side of railroad tracks coming home from school (wardrobe includes propeller hat). he suddenly becomes overwhelmed with need to defecate. Fixing for the release he enters an adjacent wooded area aside the railroad tracks. Optionally, you may already see a big line of Mudd marks down the backside of his pants. Sweating profusely and contemplating the strenuous excretion to come "Malcolm x" hastily stumbles upon the perfect shield of foliage that his subsequent pool of a bowl movement will lie Aloof to. He tears his pants away, the only barrier keeping him from birthing his gift to the world. He crouches down and clutches his buckling knees, this will surly be like no other ride he has taken before. Feces spray from his anus like a dry wall texturing gun, something of a brown eye geyser. This young lad has surly had no fiber in his diet. His once prospering anus becomes exhausted due to the allotted endurance needed to force a mist of feces for this duration, leading to the rim of his deflated brown eye to split. Now sporting a gnarly tear, not only is the "collapsed old lady" of a backside fauceting a girth of curdled feces, but it is blended with gushes of blood. Making for a cocktail perfectly suited for the reception of Jeffery Dahmer himself. An arbitrary announcer lifts himself from beneath the false bush that Malcolm is defecating behind, which has had a door fixed to the bottom of it (wardrobe includes: microphone, Dora explorer style wig, turtleneck, terrible suite, head-gear braces, lipstick sloped all over his face, and unibrow. He also has Down syndrome, his top front teeth stick out of his lips, and he does a very bad asian impression. Also, for no reason he's wearing Ice skates). As the announcer sits up his face becomes aligned with the projectile diarrhea and is misted, he never attempts to remove it except for when tasting it. Also as he sits up he reveals a hole dug into the shape of his silhouette. Then followed by an ominous fog he begins orating the details of the awe-inspiring events happening and that are soon to aspire. It is also worth mention that Malcolm never even acknowledges him being there. Optionally, there begins to be cutaway shots of a Asian game show audience reacting to the occurrence. Back at the main event: The pressure of the diarrhea waterfall protruding Malcolm's bowls causes him lift from ground, like a fly board. All while maintaining a crouched...

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Roll Play Script Essay

855 words - 3 pages classroom needs some order. If teachers set limits on student behavior they may avoid getting involved in unproductive classroom battles. The teacher in this script will demonstrate my own personal philosophy of classroom management by doing the following: state rules from the beginning, avoid becoming defensive with a disruptive student, confronting disruptive student in a positive way, avoid disrupting the rest of the class as much as possible

Romeo & Juliet: Movie Vs Script

695 words - 3 pages Romeo and Juliet Comparative EssayWhat are the differences between the 1968 movie and the script?Romeo and Juliet is a well known play written by William Shakespeare. It is a tragedy and one of the most popular plays throughout the Western world. The play is about feuds, secrecy, love, hatred, imagery and miscommunication. Shakespeare wrote this play in the 16th century and since then there have been some minor and major changes in popular

Brilliant Lies - Original Script Writing

1844 words - 7 pages Brilliant Lies - Original Script Writing Act One Scene One 1. The case between Susy and Gary is one where it is one's words against another. 2. From the first scene it would appear that Susy has got her heart set on getting 40 thousand dollars from the case. One would also get the impression that she is a slut and a bit of a player. Scene Two

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1289 words - 5 pages Presentation of In Flanders Fields – script Our presentation is on In Flanders Fields by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae. There is an irregular rhyme scheme = aabba aabc aabbac Almost all lines are 8 syllables long The rhythm sounds like that of a nursery rhyme – there is an iambic pentameter with a very regular line length and rhyme scheme. This is in great contrast to the actual words all about death and war. * Line 1


1331 words - 5 pages J: Countdown for silence: 10, 9, 8, 7,6,5,4,3,2,1OFFICIAL INTRODUCTIONJ: A golden era for her life starts from now on. She's saying hello to driver's license, multiple dates, credit cards, a room for her own and payment of her own phone bills. Yes, this is the time of: Don't go crying to your mama 'Cause you're on your ownF: Everyone, this is a very important event in her life and she is very much honored for your presence. Like Wendy in the

Spanish Script

782 words - 3 pages EL diablo en el bosque Beatriz- Camera Girl Olga- documenter Guadalupe- documenter Raquel- documenter Scene One: (In the street) Beatriz- We are going into the woods, how do all of you feel? Vamos en el bosque ?Como se sinten hoy? Olga- Excited! Es emocionante Raquel- Is my skirt too long? ?Es mi falda demasiada larga? Beatriz- How do you feel Guadalupe? ?Como esta de Guadalupe? Guadalupe- I feel hungry Tengo hambre Beatriz- We are entering the

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1308 words - 5 pages Stranger: Oh, it’s too damn heavy.[Bag slipped from his hand and things fell on the ground, the old men kneels down with a grunt to pick the things up, a passenger stops]Passenger: Can I pick it up for you?Stranger: Thanks son, it will be great.Passenger: Do you know any nearby rest house?Stranger: You mean a hotel?Passenger: Ah, yesStranger: I am looking for one too; my next connecting flight is 8 hours from now.Passenger: I am going to

Script Kiddies: The New Threat on the Internet

1250 words - 5 pages Introduction Nowadays the attacks through the Internet have increased. Those attacks are under the name of malwares. Malwares are malicious software, such as a virus, Trojans, which is specifically designed to disrupt or damage a computer system. Since malwares contains most of the Internet attacks. One of the malwares attacks called the script kiddies. They are known by their ignorance and lack of knowledge about the information system

W. B. Yeats, George Hyde-Lees, and the Automatic Script

2738 words - 11 pages W. B. Yeats, George Hyde-Lees, and the Automatic Script In his biography of Yeats, Richard Ellmann remarks that "Had Yeats died instead of marrying in 1917, he would have been remembered as a remarkable minor poet who achieved a diction more powerful than that of his contemporaries but who, except in a handful of poems, did not have much to say with it" (Ellmann 223). Yet with his marriage to Georgie Hyde-Lees on October 21st, 1917, a vast

"Fugitives" A simple short story in script format

634 words - 3 pages This is a simple story in script format due to the fact that it needed to be translated into Spanish for an oral project containing only two people.FugitivesSydney >> Hi, Alexandra, where've you been?Alex >> I felt like trying out a movie theater here.Sydney >> Well...I had another run - in with the law while you were gone. They nearly caught me.Alex >> That's not my fault.Sydney >> You are the one who arranged the

An Act of a Script Using Director's Instructions and Dialogue

1790 words - 7 pages An Act of a Script Using Director's Instructions and Dialogue Character list Angela Mother Girl 1 Girl 2 Boy 1 Boy 2 Boy 3 Note that none of the characters except Angela are named so the audience do not connect with the characters and they instead focus on the isolation Angela is feeling. Act one ------- Scene 1 Curtains open to a sitting room in a house. The

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1567 words - 6 pages Movie Script i) Script Scene starts out when the two soldiers bring Arthur to the interrogation room. Light greyish walls, two tables arranged like a "T" in the middle, two fluorescent lights on the other side of the table where the to two interrogators are sitting, big bright light on Arthur's side of the table and one very uncomfortable rough seat for Arthur. Big picture of Lenin behind the interrogators, flag of the USSR in the left

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1194 words - 5 pages Paul Hogan as Billie Bob Script Scene 1 It was a Bright Sunny Day in the City of Sydney. Everything was perfect until a Politician awoke from her slumber.Pauline: OH what a beautiful morning oh what a beautiful day (Opens pantry door and David O'Neil hands her a Tea not black Tea but white tea.) Gee wiz it's a great day where's the paper. (She walks over to the window and David is cleaning the windows while sitting on a

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2234 words - 9 pages In a small café on a cool frosty night, in a remote Italian town. It is here at the back of the room with a flickering candle in the middle of the table where we notice a small gathering of theorists sitting around a small table. It is here that Cesare Beccaria, Emile Durkheim, and Cesare Lombroso have come to discuss crime, punishment, and their theories regarding this topic. They recount their history, thoughts, and the processes underlying

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789 words - 4 pages - So you wanna write a script and start off that new series? Let's start with the basics . . . Hello there fellow aspiring writers, and welcome to the first session of script writing tips for sims machinama. It's a real treat to watch a script you wrote be turned into an episode/film/part of a series for the first time. It's even better when that script carries over well to that visual adaptation and makes one hell of an awesome first episode
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