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My parents always said that once you start working, you cannot stop. I found that hard to believe before I got my first job, but it became more apparent and true as the years passed. Throughout my short, yet significant career development experiences, I have gained a better insight as to what my future career might look and be like. My career development experiences have ultimately strengthened and shaped the person I am today. The foundation for my understanding of my career choices can be traced as far back as my childhood, important life events, and my current interests along with hobbies. Consequently and thankfully, all of my previous work experiences have made me stand out from the other 50,000 ASU college students.
Growing up as a child, I really wanted to be a professional ice hockey player, but as the years flew by that dream and reality started to fade away. However, my love and passion for the sport still lingers and has given me a jumping point as to what I would someday like to have as a career. I started my first job working at an ice rink at the age of sixteen. At the time I was playing youth hockey and I wanted to start saving money for a car. So I asked the youth hockey director if there might be any available positions at the rink. She got back to me a few days later saying that the manager wanted to have an interview with me. Since I knew the youth hockey director relatively well, she was able to give me a great recommendation although I had no previous work experience. As I was getting ready to leave for the interview, I get a phone call from the hockey director saying that I got a position as an ice attendant. I was so shocked at the time because I had just received my first job without having to go through what seemed to be at the time, a stressful interview. That was a really tremendous stepping stone for me personally because it had opened up so many more opportunities than I could have ever dreamed of. A few years later, I was promoted to supervisor where I later learned how to operate and drive the Zamboni.
I had a friend who also worked at the ice rink with me who just so happened to work at Arena where the Phoenix Coyotes play. I asked her how and when I should apply to work at the arena and she said she would put in a good word with the head ice technician for me. A few days later I received a phone call from the ice technician saying he wanted to give me a tour of the building and introduce me to a couple of people. After the tour he took me to the human resources department to fill out some paper work to become an employee and told me that I start work the next week. I could not believe it; I had just received my second job again without a formal interview. I still work at both places today. I have been at the public ice rink for almost four years and this is my second season working at the arena.
The entirety of my work experience has been in ice rinks. My greatest passion and hobby is playing ice...

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