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According to Brym and Lie, “self-socialization is the ability to choose socialization from the wide variety of mass media offerings”(Brym and Lie 2012:67). There are so many mediums with which I have socialized myself with. A means through which I interact with people is through the internet because the internet is the “… fastest growing mass medium”(Brym and Lie 2012:65). I have used social networks since I was 10 years. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Hi5 and many others. The social network that has been able to influence me is Twitter. With Twitter, I obtain knowledge about the things around me, build my confidence, and improve my fashion awareness. In this essay, I would ...view middle of the document...

In conclusion, Twitter makes me more knowledgeable of society
Twitter also offers a secure platform for self-exploration because of the obscurity it provides me. Twitter provides a platform used to explore all facets of my identity. The social network is an easy place to take on multiple identities as different comments about different things require different responses to follow trends. An aspect of my identity that I noticed is my race. Which is due to many anti-racial remarks that some people post on Twitter. Those remarks have made me understand the existence of racial slurs in society. Likewise, the obscurity that twitter provides gives me a confident boost. Since Twitter “mask” hides my identity, I can say things I cannot in real life. I can share my feelings more on the social network while I cannot share my feelings with the actual world because I am shy. It also allows me to observe people who have the same characteristics as myself. The social network is a place where I get to befriend both people that I know and I do not know. I communicate with people and learn the standards of their society and teach them the norms of my society. All in all, Twitter has enabled me to explore my identity.
Also, Twitter keeps me up to date with all the latest fashion trends. It allows me to change my wardrobe seasonally. I do not wear the things I wore last year because they are no longer a fad. For example, last year’s fashion trend was color blocking is no longer a trend, so I no longer wear anything that color blocks. I am also able to hold up with the fashion trends the people I associate with are following. My friends and I coincidentally wear matching things all the time. Without the app, this coincidence will never happen. The Social network also guides me to know the fashion...

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