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Waking to a new day in Pixie Hollow; snuggled up in her bed, the moment Tinker Bell's mind could form a conscious thought, a smile and giggle comes from her as she recalls the event of the previous night.


She was in a horrible mood from Vidia's harsh rejection of her in front of herself and her sister, not to mention the embarrassment of the Fast-Flying fairy catching her in the middle of a very private moment with her sister. Late that night, Vidia visits her and admits through tears and repeated apologies for her harsh words, that she felt the same about Tinker Bell that the Tinker felt about her. Tinker Bell was so happy with Vidia accepting her that she gave the Fast-Flyer her first kiss.


Now, pressing her lips together, Tinker Bell thought back to the moment her lips touched Vidia's.

'They were so soft... and smooth. I wanna kiss her again!' Excitedly turning to face her closed door and blinking opening her sleepy eyes, briefly lifting her right hand rub away the crumbs of sleep, Tinker Bell stares at her door fondly.

'It's almost too good to be true... Vidia likes me the same as I like her... and we're a couple now!'

Giggling in excitement, Tinker Bell removes herself from her bed, standing in just her green leaf panties, lifting her arms up and extending her wings in a brief stretch.

“Nnngh... This has to be one of the best days I've had yet!” declares Tinker Bell happily, before a light blush rises on her cheeks with a smile. “I never thought this would happen so soon. I'll be able to put what I've been practicing these last two weeks into action. I need to thank Queen Clarion, what happened yesterday probably would've never happened if I didn't agree to spend time with her.”

Her smile fading a bit, Tinker Bell knew the next step she needed to take.

“I'm gonna have to stop the Lessons... I enjoy them so much, but now I have Vidia, I hope Queen Clarion understands.”

Walking to her closet and looking to her series of similar green dresses, Tinker Bell continues to think as her light blush grows a bit.

“I wonder what kind of stuff Vidia's into... she didn't seem grossed out from what she caught me doing with Peri. I wonder if she'd let me do that to her.”

A sudden mental image of her extending her tongue out to Vidia's exposed anus flashes in Tinker Bell's mind, soon causing her to gasp as she felt a brief surge of arousal shoot through her and gather between her legs, causing her to press her thighs together, before quickly shaking her head, attempting to shake the thought from her mind.

“It's way too early in the day to be thinking things like that! I have to focus and get ready for work and finding more Lost Things. I'll have plenty of time later for, that...”

A second intimate image comes to the blonde's mind, Vidia lowering herself in front of her with a smile, before lifting her dress and extending her tongue out to her. The juncture between Tinker Bell's thighs flinch reflexively, before lowering her right hand...

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