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There are many differences between Procedural programming, and Object-Oriented programming; this is also very true when considering there likeness, and usability. Both programming languages use some type of data to either create a direction, or an object. However, in this essay the main focus will be to consider the difference between the two languages. This will be conducted through a brief example of both programming types, and further definitions of how Procedural Programming, and OOP are implemented within the programs being written.
Procedural Programming is defined through the use of exact language, rather than through the use of code. When Procedural Programming is implemented, concise instruction are given through calculated steps, in-order to solve the problem the program is designated to accomplish. This is executed through the breakdown of large problems into sub-problems, and those sub-problems are broken down further. This problem module is broken down until the programmer is at the most basic step of the root cause. Once simplicity has become apparent to the programmer, a step-by-step procedure is created, through specific and concise programming. Each step represents an important part of the entire program, and must be rendered through exact calculation in-order to reach the programs exact outcome. Large programs may be written through Procedural programming, by using the methodology of breaking down each sections into singular functions.
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is almost exactly what it sounds like it should be. This type of programming is created through the use of created classes, and created objects within that class. So what is an object exactly? An object is created after the first step of defining a specific class, and from that class defining “objects” that will fit into that class by association. Those objects are instructed through message sent directly to the “object” that dictate examples such as what type of action/commands the object should perform, changes that may be acquired, or what its esthetics should look like. This is completed through the use of a sender, and receiver action ("IBM Smalltalk Tutorial", 2014).
According to "What Is Object-Oriented Programming?" (2014), “The object's interface consists of a set of commands, each command performing a specific action. An object asks another object to perform an action by sending it a message. The requesting (sending) object is referred to as sender and the receiving object is referred to as receiver” (para. 3).
Procedural Programming completes task through the use of directive language. Thus created through a sequence of specific commands, that tells the...

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