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A status is a positional occupation of a person in a group that is relative to others, an achieved status is one that is chosen by a person or an individual earns it. It can only be possible in a society where one has some degree of control and choice. Ascribed status is one that is neither earned or even chosen by ones self, such as at birth you are born a male or else you are a female.
Taking into consideration of my ascribed status as a female child of Latin race, a daughter to my parents, and a sister to my siblings, they stand to be unchanged all through my lifeline since those are distinct features I was born with. Being a friend to my group members, a student and a classmate to my fellow colleagues at school, this are my achieved statuses since all of them were acquired as I grew since birth and they can change according to time and place. Lifestyle might also influence ones status since at certain condition can prevent a person from changing from a certain status to a very different one. As I grow up I might acquire other status like being a Mother, which is an ascribed status, and due to my career ambitions, I might as well be an employee of a particular company, which will create another achieved status in my lifeline. Being a daughter and sister in the family, it gives me an important role to play within the society since I have to respect my parents and siblings and love them as well; this creates a good relationship within the family. Being a student and a classmate to my fellow colleagues, I need to create a friendly condition that my fellow students can interact with me without any fear. I have to love and respect these friends without any favor, this will create a better image towards other members within the society and thus this entire people will replicate the same gestures back to me. This ensures there is no aspect of degradation within the society members hence creates love peace and unity.
Within a society, everyone has a role to play and this are set of values, personality, norms and behavior attached to an individual status. Like in this case, I occupy the role of being a Daughter, Latin, Sister, Friend, Classmate and a student. A major dimension of socialization is learning the roles played in our society and then emulate the behavior in the best way a particular role demands. With respect to social structure objective, it creates parity and maintains order in a society; it gives us the ability to explicate the social situations we encounter. At the macro level, the social structure is composed of certain fundamentals: statuses, norms, roles and social institutions.
As a student, I am entitled to roles such as attending classes regularly, reading assigned textbook, and studying the best you can for exams and at times, you are entitled to play. This will always keep young people occupied with something useful and prevent idleness and laziness. Social roles help us interact with different persons because of the familiarity...

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