Strategic Management Actions In Business Today

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In order for a company to stay competitive the management must look at ways to strategically manage the environment in and around its business. There are many different things that a company should look for when trying to decide the strategic moves that it should made for the future. These things include strategic analysis of the competitors and environment surrounding their company, make sure there is room in the companies structure for autonomous action to be taken by lower-level managers and the strategic shift to move towards another area of business the is underdeveloped but up and coming by other competitors.
One of the strategic analysis that I have seen Wal-Mart make was that after evaluation of how the internet was effecting sales they can to the realization that it needed to move more towards the internet to stay profitable with other companies. In recent years Wal-Mart has seen an increase in internet shopping with competitors like Amazon and has realized they must become more completive with the internet market leaders. To become more competitive with Amazon they realized they needed to go one step past what these internet companies were offering. Wal-Mart has not only focused more on its product selection online but it has increased the speed that the customer can receive their product. Wal-Mart has offered a site to store option for it consumers to receive their merchandise sooner. If a location has it inside the store, it is picked from the shelf and is available for the customer to pick up within a couple of hours. This has helped with the customers wait time being shorten and enjoy their products sooner. This strategic analysis was important to see what Wal-Mart was lacking compared to the online competitors and what they could do that their competitors could not.
The next area the business should look at is, Is there room in the companies structure for lower-level managers to take autonomous actions? While I was working for AAFES (the Army Air Force Exchange and Services) in Germany I was able to take autonomous actions while managing the Heidelberg location of the bookstore and coffee shop. The location was struggling with sales because of two reasons or competitor was making better business decisions such as offering a stamp card, monthly flavors, better atmosphere, food selection and the sale of books was decreasing with the introduction of e-readers. I was given the...

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