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The Trinity College Library, Cambridge
The Hive Library, Worcester

Sir Christopher Wren designed the Trinity College Library, which completed construction in the year 1695. He was known for his discoveries and innovations in architecture as he combined his astronomical studies along with his designs making a masterpiece on its own. Some of Wren’s finest works in the history of architecture are the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford and St. Stephen Walbrook, London. The Trinity College Library is considered one of the most classic examples of how Wren used his studies as a scientist in his design to create something so magnificent. A stone with a pinkish tinge was used for the building’s exterior that reflected the rays of the sun exquisitely. The view from the rear end of the library complements the massive windows with a scenic view of the lawn alongside the river. Sir Christopher Wren put a lot of thought into the structural elements to the design of the library making it a monument of historic importance. The Hive situated in Worcester is a design of modern architecture. Compared to the Wren Library, The Hive completed construction in the year 2012 making it a “new” design. This building is designed by “Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios” under the influence of the Worcester County Council and The University Of Worcester’s combined inspiration of bringing the whole town together as a community. This public library is designed with advanced techniques for sustainability and less energy consumption. The Hive is located in between the city North Campus of the University of Worcester and the rest of the town providing a link between the two. The Hive is a designed in the shape of a honeycomb and serves the purpose of being the public hub of Worcester. In this essay, the structural strategies of the Trinity College Library, Cambridge and The Hive, Worcester are discussed below and why have they used these specific structural strategies.

The Trinity College Library, Cambridge

The Library building stands at the western edge of the College, quite close to the river Cam and overlooking the college gardens known as the “Backs”. The location of the building gives a scenic view around the library and also when looked out from inside it. The building consists of an open cloister supporting the first floor. The cloister consists of vertical structures holding the floor slabs from the inside, which gives even support for weight distribution. The floor of the library is placed slightly below the outer partition of the façade. The length of the rectangular structure comprises of classical columns connected by arches. These stone columns provide rigidity and strength needed for the support placed on top of it. Externally, the structure of the building is divided into two parts- one consisting of the columns and the other with the windows. The structural strategy accomplished by Wren here is how the large size windows allows maximum light to enter the library...

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