Struggle Is Imminent Essay

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Winston is confronted with struggle throughout the entirety of George Orwell`s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Living within a totalitarian regime subsequently causes Winston to seek approaches for dealing with such abundant oppression; he finds liberation through self-awareness, understanding and ultimately rebellion. First, Winston realizes that “if you want to keep a secret you must also hide it from yourself”, alluding to the notion of thoughtcrime (162). This recognition exemplifies the complete cognizance that Winston has regarding the oppressive society displayed throughout the novel. Next, Syme states “It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words”, alluding to the idea of Newspeak (28). This statement directly correlates to Winston speaking with other party members to gain knowledge about how others feels about policies deployed by the government. This information-seeking also connects with Winston`s rebellion, as he actively searched for others to join his uprising, which is shown when Winston tells O’Brien “We want to join [The Brotherhood]” (171). Winston’s attempt to join a rebellious organization exhibits his evident desire to release his suppressed emotions. Winston devises a very methodical approach to deal with the problematic society he resides in.

Short story “Here Be Monsters” by Nathan Sellyn depicts a situation where the speaker fails to overcome his emotional struggle in a rational and thoughtful manner.
First, the speaker is revealed to be “sobbing”, which subsequently causes him to “swing harder and harder” while he murders Danny (54). This lack of emotional control demonstrates the speaker’s complete inability to deal with hardship.
Next, the speaker, when looking back on his homicide of Danny, reflects that he should have let his “blood lust subside” and spent time to consider whether or not he deserved to “passed judgment on [Danny]”(54). The speaker displays that during a moment where his emotion had subsided, he would have made a more intelligent decision; this essentially shows a complete lack of self-restraint in controlling the influence emotion has over him. Lastly, post-murder, the speaker admits that his “senses and surroundings” slowly came back to him (55). This confession confirms that the speaker lost his sense of feeling and sense of control, and it can be inferred from this statement that this loss of consciousness is due to emotion. The actions of the speaker in “Here be Monsters” are exemplary in displaying how a lack of emotional control can have devastating consequences.

Roy Orgen’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four Rationale” warns that people must be vigilant and knowledgeable about the struggles they face in order to find resolutions to such. First, Orgen, regarding government and media censorship,...

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