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Surface examination of gang related violence, one would concur that it is because of poor socioeconomic status. However, Dan Gardner claims that drugs are the primary reason for the gang violence in his piece “The Missing Piece to the Gang-Violence Debate.” Although he acknowledges the said points above to be significant in that debate, he stresses that the element which is the black market drug trade is directly related to gang violence in countries such as Mexico. He notes, Mexico because it is a country known for its high involvement in drug dealing and the infamous cartel. Mentioning the gun battle in Nuevo Laredo, he fears that this may soon be the fate of cities such as Toronto and Vancouver in Canada if this issue is not resolved. He recommends that political interference within the black market drug trade is not only a waste of money, but also counterproductive as he understood from the events in Mexico. So what should the government do in terms of this vital issue?
Dan Gardner starts off his essay with his example of Mexico and its black market violence. “Violence in black markets tends to be cyclical… It’s when the status quo is disrupted that all hell breaks loose” (234). Though one might suppose that in order to halt the gang-violence, they must eliminate the black market drug trade altogether by killing the drug lords and the ones in control of it, Gardner says otherwise.. He refers to when President Vicente Fox detained the Nuevo Laredo drug lord and thought of it as a great success. Gardner argues that this leads to more chaos because once the drug lords are in custody; the unfulfilled need for drugs would cause a scramble for power due to the lure of higher payments for that drug.
Finally, Gardner cites an economist by the name of Jeffrey Miron, whose research dealt with violence and prevention of drugs. Miron suggests that spending money in order to implement laws against drug trafficking is not only disadvantageous but it also exacerbates the situation since...

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