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My ambition to study business education and to pursue a business career began from a young age. When I was in 8th grade, I had attended a marketing seminar with my father. I had witnessed many people give speeches and talk about entrepreneurship and other things. Since then, I wondered how it would be like to be in their shoes dreamt of one day to be an entrepreneur or work in an administrative position. Since then, I set a goal to study business during higher education.

My interest in business grew over the years. Gradually, I found out new things about how businesses ran and how different people work together and play different roles in a business. Over my high-school years I have taken several elective courses that I found interesting. I took a business course in Grade 10 where I learnt about the basic fundamentals of business. During that course, I learnt in detail about the basics and different sectors of business. Apart from school, I tried to explore how businesses worked in real life. When I had went to buy my guitar I was amazed at the store. Steve’s Music Store was a massive place where a large number of people worked, attending customers, keeping track of the equipment, maintaining storage, etc. I met and talked to the manager of the store to describe my awe at how he managed to run this huge business with so many people working together, each playing a different role. Watching TV programs like ‘Dragon’s Den’ or ‘Undercover Boss Canada’ inspired me even more. I was fascinated at how people came up with innovative ideas and how they manage all the people who are working in their business.

Ever since I was young, technology has never ceased to fascinate me. I used to wonder which career path to choose between business or engineering. However, I decided to study business due to several factors. I decided that even if I study Business, I can always combine my knowledge of both business and technology in my career. Business and technology together are very fascinating to me because, I see how they effect the society and daily lives of people. Since Business and technology are both the driving force of the world, I believe that studying business would give me the opportunity to broaden my career...

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