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Alyssa MoreiraSurvivorsI remember when I was young my father died in a horrible crash and my mother's distance was expressed in the number of states between us. Because my emotions were labeled unstable, I was lost in the pain of his death, and the sadness of the loneliness I felt without her. I didn't allow anyone in, shying away from society and in return, shunned away from them.I was taken in by my aunt; we were the odd ducklings of our family, the baby caterpillars that became beautiful butterflies under blind eyes. We would always receive Christmas cards from the relatives who never came for celebration but instead sent pictures that showed a perfect family I came to discover, they weren't. What family is?In 6th grade a boy I barely knew called me fat, but I never knew if he was joking, or why he did. I began befriending girls who cared too much about their length of their nose, or the width of their stomachs, and the size of their thighs. And even though I was brought up to believe I was beautiful society taught me I wasn't. I can still hear the soft sounds of family assuring me beauty wasn't skin deep, yet reminding me that losing a few pounds might help.In school they spoke of self-worth but never taught it. They advertised the value of loving yourself but never talked of those who didn't know how, and what to love. These people who, despite everyone they know, despite a loving mother, a father who's there, and despite friends who care can't convince themselves that they are worth remembering.Because society wasn't made that way. Society was this cruel monster of artificial selection that picked a person based on their appearance and the colors of the clothes they wear rather than who they were beyond the mask they wore, beyond the makeup and...

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1450 words - 6 pages Abigail HallEDUC_717B11801406In the winter of 1846 to 1847 a small party of emigrants found themselves trapped in the Sierra Nevada mountains, just a few days away from their destination of California. Of the 81 people who became stranded, only 45 survived. James Reed , Virginia Reed and Eliza Donner were among the survivors. Their stories of tragedy and survival would help the story of the Donner Party to live on.James Reed was born in Northern

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756 words - 4 pages Survivors of Natural Causes and the Media All around the world, natural disasters are occurring. Even if some might not take more than a minute, they can cause a lot of damage. From 2000 to 2010, there has been an average of 63000 deaths per year due to earthquakes and even more that are injured. They may have survived but suffer and shouldn't be disturbed by anyone, including the press, especially if they are still standing in the debris of

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2623 words - 10 pages : · Employee morale increased in 1994: 1.7% · Employee morale remained the same in 1994: 15.5% · Employee morale declined in 1994: 82.8% (Challenge - 1995) The manner in which a company communicates with survivors and non-survivors during and after the layoff seems to be critical to how low the morale drops and to the degree in which productivity is negatively impacted. In the following section, we will review some positive

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1781 words - 8 pages violence each year. Around 40% to 60% of those cases involve child physical abuse. Studies show that about 15% - 43% of girls and 14%- 43% of boys go through at least one trauma. Of those children who have had a trauma, 3% to 15% of girls and 1% to 6% of boys develop PTSD. Rates of PTSD are higher for certain types of trauma survivors. The National Center for PTSD said that about 60 percent of men and 50 percent of women will experience PTSD in

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2960 words - 12 pages said or done. Traumatic experiences such as childhood sexual abuse may influence the physiology of the developing brain. Problems such as those listed produces dangerous psychological effects. Many become insulate and may feel embarrass and blame, especially if there is no support. Survivors may appoint such behaviors as drug abuse and purging, bingeing, or added high-risk deeds, to relieve their emotional agony. This in turn will result in

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567 words - 3 pages critique of this study and its future implications. The theoretical framework of this study was clearly established with information regarding African American and Caucasian Breast Cancer Survivors (BCS) not having the resources needed to efficiently manage life after survivorship. The study presented many characteristics of treatment that could cause uncertainty in the survivors that are part of the enduring physical, emotional and social issues

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3588 words - 14 pages Echoing Footsteps: Rape, Victims, Survivors, and What We Can Do Rape is devastating to its victims. I feel as if this statement should stand alone, underlined and in bold typeface. It is crucial that we, as a society, come to a deep understanding and awareness of this message. For that reason, I will state it again: Rape is devastating to its victims. Thirty percent of rape victims will contemplate suicide. Slightly

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777 words - 4 pages In the years after the Holocaust the survivors from the concentration camps tried to cope with the horrors of the camps and what they went through and their children tried to understand not only what happened to their parents. In the story of Maus, these horrors are written down by the son of a Holocaust survivor, Vladek. Maus is not only a story of the horrors of the concentration camps, but of a son, Artie, working through his issues with

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3334 words - 13 pages generally perceived, was not a witness and his text exploits the literary form of survivor testimony and genuine memory. The role his memory plays in the text is completely detached from the events in the death camps.The role of the witness when applied to the Holocaust takes on a special significance, since it is only the survivors who can give a true account of the atrocities which took place. The vast majority of textual evidence relating to

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670 words - 3 pages "Note how, even in the midst of reluctantly committing acts they themselves found extremely repugnant-and ones they fully knew the world condemns-this group developed norms to govern their behavior. This was crucial for these survivors, because group support, along with its attendant norms, is critical in maintaining a sense of a "good" self."My initial reaction to this article was pity. I really did feel bad for the passengers of the aircraft

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