Survivors Of Natural Causes And The Media

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Survivors of Natural Causes and the Media
All around the world, natural disasters are occurring. Even if some might not take more than a minute, they can cause a lot of damage. From 2000 to 2010, there has been an average of 63000 deaths per year due to earthquakes and even more that are injured. They may have survived but suffer and shouldn't be disturbed by anyone, including the press, especially if they are still standing in the debris of their own house. I believe that the press shouldn`t be able to interview victims of natural disasters on scene: asking questions about the event can trigger intense emotions, the interviews happening on scene can distract the policemen from doing their jobs and the information given to the press about what they saw could be incorrect.
First of all, asking questions about the tragic event can trigger bad emotions. The survivors of a traumatic event are always left in a delicate psychological state. Asking questions about the event can make their state of mind even worse. Also, having them try to tell the story out loud to someone they don`t know is very hard for them. Just as asking questions, having them telling the story of what happened can also make them feel more depressed, feel more grief. To add, with so many reporters all asking questions at the same time, the level of stress of the victims can rise and they can break down. The survivors are already overwhelmed with grief, sadness and anger. Adding stress to their list will just make their condition worse.
Second of all, when interviewing victims on the scene, it can distract the policemen from doing their jobs. With cameras everywhere and lots of people, it will be hard to concentrate. They are there to do their job, so for them to do that they must be focused on their goal, not on the reporters or cameramen. In addition, the policemen don’t have the time to make sure people, other than the survivors, won’t hurt themselves. There are many objects on the scene of the tragedy that could hurt people who don’t have the proper safety wear. Reporters can trip and fall on broken glass, or can...

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